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The Wildest, Craziest Paint Jobs Available in 2019

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that as vehicle styles continue to blend and morph into ever more unique combinations (want an SUV with a coupe-like roofline? Why not!), there has been a resurgence in bold paint colors. In 2019, it's easier than ever to express yourself by purchasing a brand-new car wearing a standout hue.

What follows are some of the most vibrant and amazing paint colors your favorite carmakers make available in showrooms today. We did leave a few brands out—for example, of course there’s a crazy Lamborghini color or nine, but then the company has long been known for letting its freak color palette fly. We're also not including those custom paint colors that fancy automakers will charge you zillions of dollars to slather on your high-dollar exotic (you know, the kind of thing where you can color-match your Rolls-Royce to a Snickers bar wrapper or something). We’re focusing on colors you can walk into a dealer and buy. So, click through and see our favorites this year:

The Wildest, Craziest Paint Jobs Available in 2019

Tired of black, silver, and white? Make a statement with one of these wild colors.

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