Wildlife Experts Try To Rescue Beached Whale At Dockweiler State Beach

Lifeguards and other marine rescuers were working together to get a whale back into the ocean after it washed ashore.

Video Transcript

SUZIE SUH: Dockweiler Beach. Wildlife experts trying to help a beached whale there.

JUAN FERNANDEZ: Let's go up to Desmond Shaw live in Sky 9 with the latest for us. Desmond.

DESMOND SHAW: Well, Juan and Suzie, it's really difficult to watch here. And really hate stories like this. But this is happening at Dockweiler Beach right now. There's a poor whale here in the water that it was actually all the way up on the sand earlier.

Now lifeguards and marine rescue are here. They did manage to get the whale at least back into the water. It is alive you can tell it's really struggling. They're waiting for another agency here with some marine biologists, some experts that may be able to help this poor creature out.

But this is about as far back in the water as they can get it right now. And unfortunately, the tide is also going to be working against them, because low tide is actually later on this evening. So really, really difficult to watch this poor, huge mammal sitting here.

It's unclear what kind of whale it is or how long it was on the beach. It is still alive. And we really, really hope that there's something that someone can do once other agencies come to assist that they can help get this creature safely back out to sea. Live in Sky 9 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Juan and Suzie, back to you in the studio.

JUAN FERNANDEZ: Yeah. Sometimes they get lost, they break away from their pod, and then they beach themselves. So hopefully we'll have some better news during our next newscast, CBS 2 News at 5 o'clock. All right. Desmond, thank you.

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