Wilkes-Barre's 18702 continues to be ZIP code with most new COVID-19 cases

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Oct. 2—The Wilkes-Barre ZIP code of 18702 continues to have the most new cases of COVID-19 in Luzerne County, and the gap between it and the next highest code is widening.

Of the 41 codes all or partially in Luzerne County tracked by the Times Leader, the 18702 code reported 131 new cases from Sept. 24 to Friday. That's up 38 cases compared to last week's total of 93. The next highest number of new cases was in the Kingston code of 18704, with 73 new cases this week.

Last week the gap between 18702 and the next highest tally was 26 cases. This week the gap is 58 cases.

The Bloomsburg code of 17815 had the third highest increase at 67, while the Berwick code of 18603 had 53 new cases. The Bloomsburg code is almost entirely in Columbia county with a small part stretching into southern Luzerne County, while the Berwick code is split roughly in half between the two counties, though Berwick itself is in Columbia County.

The Hazleton code of 18201 — the county hot spot in the early months of the pandemic — saw cases decline: 57 last week, 47 this week.

Of the remaining codes, 12 had 1-9 new cases and two had no new cases.

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