William Byron: ‘I can’t believe it!’

William Byron reacts after winning his first race of 2021 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Video Transcript

WILLIAM BYRON: Yeah. I mean, that guy has been huge for my career. He's the reason I'm here. And you know, I'm glad we could get him. And he's just awesome. And this whole team did a phenomenal job, everybody-- pit crew, over the wall. Extremely blessed. Thanks, God, to-- for all the things that it takes to get to this level. Great boss in Mr. H., Jeff Gordon, Axalta. This car looks really cool. So I'm just-- I can't even believe it, honestly. It was a-- just a really smooth day. And we worked hard in the winter on this track. And can't believe it.

- William, you told me this race was going to be won under the lights on the bottom of the racetrack. How much emphasis did you put on staying off the wall for this race?

WILLIAM BYRON: Yeah. I mean, you had to go the wall at certain times. Three and four was really fast up there. Definitely didn't do it as good as Xfinity cars do it, but I used it when I had to. And this car was just awesome. It really is a lot of hard work. I think we went to the sim four or five times this off-season, and it just pays off, man. It's awesome.