Moment boy, 4, walks for the first time since losing both legs to sepsis

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William Reckless  has started walking by himself (Picture: SWNS)
William Reckless has started walking by himself (Picture: SWNS)

A four-year-old boy has taken his first steps since losing both of his legs to sepsis.

A heartwarming video shows William Reckless, from Nottingham, using his prosthetics to walk by himself.

He was diagnosed with sepsis in January and spent three months in intensive care, where his lower legs and parts of his fingers were amputated.

William got a pair of prosthetics in May and spent the following weeks and months regaining his strength and relearning how walk.

In the footage can be seen slowly talking small steps towards his gran Trish Brennan, who is heard encouraging her grandson.

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When the two finally touch Trish gives William a big kiss and his parents, Gemma, 30, and Michael, 38, can be heard cheering in the background.

Gemma said: “When your baby takes their first steps it’s magical but when they have to learn a second time, after months of watching their pain, fear, frustration, hard work and determination, the pride we feel is something else.”

Gemma, who lives in Nottingham with her family, including two-year-old daughter Georgia, took William to the GP in January when he started feeling unwell.

The doctor determined the youngster had a virus, however, Gemma sensed something more serious was wrong and she took him to the hospital a couple of days later.

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William, dad Michael, sister Georgia and mum Gemma 30 (Picture: SWNS)
William, dad Michael, sister Georgia and mum Gemma 30 (Picture: SWNS)

She thought they would be able to go home that day but within only an hour of arriving William was induced into a coma, which he remained in for the next eight days.

He stayed on the intensive care unit for three months and was treated for a blood clot in his thighs, a collapsed lung, and a brain injury from a lack of oxygen.

Graphic pictures taken in hospital show William with bandaged arms and legs, marks all over his body and various tubes inserted into him.

William was also unable to speak for weeks before his voice eventually came back.

William Reckless poorly in hospital (Picture: SWNS)
William Reckless poorly in hospital (Picture: SWNS)

Gemma added: "His sister didn't notice his legs and was just happy to have her brother home and her play-mate back after three months- she loves helping him to fetch things.”

She blogged William's journey on the social media pages of her personalised gift business Little Gems, which she had to close when her boy became ill.

The Reckless family are telling William's story in a bid to raise awareness of sepsis and help other people in similar situations.

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness caused by the body's response to an infection.

The Reckless family are crowdfunding to help pay for William's future prosthetics and any home adaptations they need to make.

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