Willowick hosts annual Water Show in memory of aquatics director Marty Guzauskas

Sep. 3—This year's Willowick Water Show was in honor of Willowick's Aquatics Director Marty Guzauskas, who died July 2 at the age of 67.

Mayor Richard Regovich noted that in addition to working for the city for 46 years, Guzauskas was a programming assistant for Playhouse Square and coached diving at Euclid, Willoughby South and Mayfield high schools.

More than 600 people came out to the water show, which took place at Manry Pool last month to honor Guzauskas, according to Julie Kless, director of recreation.

"The show was the best one yet," she said. "Marty's family was in attendance and there were many tributes to Marty. There was a special diving act with the guards Marty had coached. At the end of the show, all participants, guards, administration and family members circled the pool to say our last goodbye by putting lanterns in the pool water."

The lifeguards Guzauskas had coached and who also directed the show, Natali Trem, Jack Lausin and Kara Maiden, came up through the city's swim programs.

"They did such a great job in honoring him," said Kless, noting the time they put in with young swimmers in preparing their skits for the show.

The city's water show has been taking place for the last 60 years, showcasing the swimming and theatrical talents of Manry Pool's staff and lifeguards but also participants from Learn-to-Swim, the swim team and the summer camp.

While the show marks an exciting time for Willowick, it's also bittersweet as it's during the time of wrapping up the season, Maureen Brennan, administrative assistant to Kless, previously told The News-Herald.

"It's something of tradition and gives people that hometown feel," she said. "It's nice to have something lighthearted all ages can enjoy."

Kless plans to approach council for their consideration to rename Manry Pool to the Marty Guzauskas Pool at their next meeting.