Wilmington entrepreneur creates app to support Black-owned businesses

An entrepreneur from Wilmington, Delaware, saw a great need to promote Black-owned businesses with the big push nationwide to "Buy Black."

Video Transcript

- An entrepreneur from Wilmington is now helping support Black-owned businesses across America. He says it all began with an app, but the platform has now turned into a much bigger initiative. Action News community journalist Ashley Johnson joins us now with Leonard Anderson's story.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: There's been a big push to buy Black. Black-owned businesses have taken a huge hit during the pandemic. And nationwide, the harsh reality of racial inequality continues to be at the forefront.

LEONARD YOUNG: Another pandemic, George Floyd, we really want to create something that could really help Black businesses because a lot of times we hear that they don't get the proper funding.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Leonard Young, an entrepreneur from Wilmington, chose to focus on the current climate to spark change through his app The National Black Guide.

LEONARD YOUNG: We really wanted to try to remove the barriers where people are like, oh, I can't find Black businesses.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The National black Guide is free, and features Black businesses in any city. It will connect anyone with a Black-owned business and their exact location, from restaurants, retail, to health and beauty, you name it.

LEONARD YOUNG: Both of us being Black entrepreneurs, we understand that struggle.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The National Black Guide app launched in September of 2020. And already, the platform has more than a million users. The business-savvy couple says they look forward to more Black-owned businesses coming forward to be featured.

YOLANDA YOUNG: This is a form of giving back. This is a form of helping to recycle our dollar. This is a form of really us being able to pay it forward.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: The app features businesses like Young's wife Yolanda who owns Business Babes, which she created in 2013. It's an online community which helps female entrepreneurs collaborate on various ventures and find resources.

YOLANDA YOUNG: Not making the type of money or getting the visibility that you need in your business, that's when you come to the [INAUDIBLE].

LEONARD YOUNG: Black-owned businesses are vital to not just our community, but to every community.

ASHLEY JOHNSON: Giving back while being Black. The National Black Guide is welcome to everyone. Ashley Johnson, Channel 6 Action News.