Wilmington's Favorite Local Charities Of 2020: List

Christopher Huffaker

WILMINGTON, MA — In a typical year, the holiday season is the time when many nonprofit organizations have to turn away volunteers.

But 2020 is not a typical year, and the coronavirus pandemic has left many local charities with fewer donations and volunteers. Earlier this week, Fidelity Charitable released a study showing that two-in-three volunteers had decreased or stopped contributing time to nonprofit organizations since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March.

The study also found that 64 percent of people weren't sure how to find or participate in remote volunteer activities nonprofits have offered since the start of the crisis.

We asked Wilmington neighbors what your favorite charities in the are, as part of an effort to help increase awareness of the nonprofits. Their responses, and other responses about local charities, are below.

Newhouse Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Wilmington resident Kathy likes this Chelmsford charity.

"They are wonderful with all wildlife," Kathy said. "Jane has rescued, rehabbed and released so many animals. They get no public funding and she works at this 24 hours a day. Food and supplies for the animals is very expensive and other than private donations the Center must cover all costs."

Learn more about Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

People Helping People

An anonymous submitter recommended this Burlington organization.

"This is a locally run organization, that helps the community, not only in Burlington but across the area," they wrote. "During the Spring with COVID they worked to feed the kids who normal got the school breakfast and lunch program. They adapted their food distribution and kept feeding those in need in Burlington. They are continuing with their other fund raising on line. They are a way that Burlingtonians can help Burlington."

Merrimack Valley Habitat For Humanity

North Andover resident Janet wrote in about Merrimack Valley Habitat For Humanity, which is based in Lawrence.

"Wonderful volunteers that give back to the surrounding communities by building homes," she wrote. "The stores sells gently used goods from furniture to glass wear, tools and appliances and even the kitchen sink!"

Learn more about Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity

Lasagna Love

Debbie, of Woburn, recommended Lasagna Love, a nationwide movement.

"Volunteers who make and deliver a lasagna dinner to people who ask or are nominated for needing a helping hand," Debbie wrote.

Learn more about Lasagna Love

Groundwork Lawrence

Andover's Susan Stott wrote: "Groundwork Lawrence (GWL) is making a significant different to the Youth on its Green Team, to the environment and outdoor spaces in Lawrence and to food security during this pandemic."

Learn more about Groundwork Lawrence

Lazarus House Ministries

Stoneham resident Lisa Theriault nominated this Lawrence charity. She wrote: "Their logo says it all 'Opening Doors Out of Poverty.' They provide food, clothing, shelter and work prep to people in need, with the ultimate goal of leading them to 'stand on their own with dignity.'"

Learn more about Lazarus House

The Joey Domenici Foundation

Woburn's Alyssa and Sheryl Domenici recommended this Woburn charity.

"We started this nonprofit in memory of my brother Joey Domenici, who lost his life in November 2019," Alyssa wrote. "Joey was more than his addiction. He was compassionate, kind, loving, and all around just a good kid."

"This foundation helps addicts get back on their feet," Sheryl wrote. "Provides a safehouse, food, clothing, counseling etc. In the name of my nephew who we lost to addiction last year."

The Psychological Center

An anonymous submitter recommended this Lawrence organization: "Helps women, shelter, addiction and recovery services."

Learn more about the Psychological Center

The Joseph Briere Foundation

Woburn's Debra Allen recommended this organization.

"After he died in a car accident at 19, his foundation gives to local students, local sports, Best Buddies and families in needs during Thanksgiving and Christmas," Allen wrote.

Learn more about the Joseph Briere Foundation

AVIS-The Andover Village Improvement Society

Three Andover residents wrote proudly about AVIS.

"AVIS is 126 years old and does an excellent job of preserving open space and making it available to the public for their enjoyment," John Hess wrote. "It has been particularly important to have this land available during the pandemic."

"AVIS protects 1,300 acres as open space for the benefit of all," said Alix Driscoll. "During these hard covid-19 times the trails welcome many more walkers that usual to walk its trails, to seek peace in the the beauty of these preserved lands and to breathe fresh air. It is the second oldest land trust in MA."

"AVIS is one of the oldest land trusts in the country and owns over 1,200 acres of open space and trails for the enjoyment of all," Buzz Stapczynski noted.

Learn More About The Andover Village Improvement Society.

Andover Center for History & Culture

John Hess also wrote in about the Andover Center for History & Culture, as did Karen Simmonds.

"The Andover History Center has worked hard during the entire pandemic, ensuring its staff were not furloughed; transitioning from a business that was very much hands-on to one that is now fully online; and providing the community with much anticipated and entertaining stories and events about Andover's past," Simmonds wrote. "The staff have remained positive and connected and ensured that volunteers like me can still help out in a Covid-safe environment, and all the time trying to keep afloat in the current financial uncertainty!"

Aaron's Presents

"This charity empowers children to help their communities," Christine Pierce said. "Kids come up with their own ideas for what they want to do and this charity helps them execute. It is really something special, showing kids at an early age how important it is to help and give back to society."

Learn more about Aaron's Presents.

Courtney Quinno (Lynch) Scholarship & Courtney Cares

Woburn's Beth Lynch recommended this charity: "My daughter Courtney was a 2013 graduate of Woburn HS. Courtney was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before graduation. She battled for two years before she passed away. Now we have a yearly scholarship at Woburn HS that we give out but we also have Courtney Cares which all fundraising go towards holidays and special days for the pediatric oncology patients and families at Tufts Hospital in Boston."

Learn more about the Courtney Quinno (Lynch) Scholarship & Courtney Cares

We're collecting the responses and publish profiles of readers' favorite local charities throughout the holiday season.

If you have a favorite local charity, fill out the form below, so we can let our readers know about the work it does, as well as its current goals and needs:

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