UPDATE: Wilton High School Coronavirus Outbreak

Rich Kirby
·1 min read

WILTON, CT — The town Health Department has completed its first round of contact tracing following an outbreak of coronavirus among Wilton High School students.

The infection occurred at several parties and gatherings that took place over the weekend of Jan. 15. Wilton High School remains closed, with all students on the remote learning model.

On Jan. 20, contact tracing began with two confirmed cases of the virus. The current known outcomes are as follows:

  • 14 attendees confirmed positive and currently under isolation.

  • 6 persons, who did not attend, but had direct contact with attendees, confirmed positive and also under isolation.

  • 3 attendees under quarantine pending test results.

In total, there were 20 known confirmed positive cases associated with the weekend gatherings, with three tests pending, according to town health officials.

The Health Department has rescinded its previous request that Wilton High School teachers and students remain home.

"Non-impacted Wilton High School teachers and students may return to normal activity and are asked to continue to monitor their status for the next four days," health officials said in a news release Monday.

Contact tracing continues for those persons that were in close contact to a positive attendee, who was at school on Jan. 20.

This article originally appeared on the Across Connecticut Patch