Wimbledon 2022 LIVE: Andy Murray battles to four-set win under the roof after Emma Raducanu victory

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Follow all the action as Wimbledon gets underway with Novak Djokovic, Emma Raducanu and Andy Murray all in action on day one.

It was at Wimbledon last year that Djokovic equalled Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s men’s grand slam record of 20 titles with a victory over Matteo Berrettini, however, the Serbian has since fallen two behind the Spaniard. The No 1 seed at this year’s tournament due to the ban on Russian players, leaving Daniil Medvedev unable to compete, Djokovic opened his title defence with a four-set win over Soonwoo Kwon.

It was then the turn of Emma Raducanu to make her Centre Court debut after her remarkable run to the fourth round at last year’s tournament. The US Open champion shook off injury concerns pre-tournament but faced a tricky opening match against world No 46 Alison van Uytvanck, who reached the fourth round herself in 2018. However, the Brit triumphed 6-4, 6-4 to book a spot in the second round.

Closing out the action will be Murray, who faces James Duckworth. Murray made it to the third round last year but was emphatically defeated by Denis Shapovalov and admitted afterwards that he was questioning his future. The 35-year-old comes into the slam in encouraging form though after reaching the final of the Stuttgart Open, with that run including victories over Stefanos Tsitsipas and Nick Kyrgios. Elsewhere, Great Britain’s Jodie Burrage came to the aid of a ballboy who was taken ill during her first-round defeat to Lesia Tsurenko. The youngster looked unsteady on his feet early in the second set of her 6-2 6-3 loss before he was later treated by paramedics and left in a wheelchair.

Follow all the latest updates, scores and results below:

Wimbledon 2022 live updates

  • Rain stops early play as 2022 Championships kick off at All England Club

  • Djokovic begins defence with four-set win over Kwon

  • Raducanu impressively wins tricky opener against van Uytvanck

  • Murray last on Centre Court against Duckworth

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 6-4 Duckworth - Game, set and match!

21:37 , Jamie Braidwood

Scenes! Murray wheels away, pumps his fists and screams into the night.

He. Goes. On.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 6-4 Duckworth - Game, set and match!

21:32 , Jamie Braidwood

Centre Court rises as Murray comes out to serve.

Murray edges closer as Duckworth nets but the Australian then attacks the second serve and eats up the winner crosscourt.

Murray with two well placed forehands to the Duckworth backhand side - it traps him in the corner. 30-15.

Two points away. Big serve out wide. ‘Mon!’ One closer.


He thought he’d won it. And now Duckworth challenges the second serve! It was in, and Murray wins!

*Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 5-4 Duckworth - Murray breaks!

21:31 , Jamie Braidwood

Duckworth nets on the opening point and the crowd senses the opportunity.

The noise lifts but Murray can’t return Duckworth’s first serve.

“Mon!” cries Murray as Duckworth drifts a backhand wide.

15-30, door well and truly opened. And Duckworth double faults!

Two break points. Duckworth saves the first after steering a nice angled backhand past Murray.

And there’s the break! Duckworth double faults and Murray is almost there!

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 4-4 Duckworth*

21:27 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray watches, watches, and pumps his fist as a hopeful one from Duckworth drifts long for 30-0.

An ace. Nice. 40-0.

Another. Even better.

Every hold is massive now.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 3-4 Duckworth

21:23 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray snarls at his box as Duckworth goes long on the second point of the game.

He’s seeking every chance and knows he could get one at 15-15, but Duckworth rolls in a whipped forehand winner and then tucks away a backhand drop shot to move clear.

Murray reads the next one but can’t steer it back in play.

Duckworth moves ahead once more.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 3-3 Duckworth*

21:21 , Jamie Braidwood

Solid from Murray. Two strong serves gets him 30-0 in front.

There are some perhaps boozy members of the crowd here getting a bit loud in between points.

“We love you Andy!” one yells as he then drops one into the net. Duckworth replies with one of his own.

Thud. Ace. Hold.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 2-3 Duckworth

21:16 , Jamie Braidwood

Well played, Duckworth, who is finding some strength here in the fourth. He reads Murray’s passing shot to put the volley away into the open court and moves to 40-0.

Murray digs in. This time he is the one stepping in as a volley brings up 40-30. But Duckworth lands a first serve, Murray goes long, and Duckworth stays in front.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 2-2 Duckworth*

21:13 , Jamie Braidwood

Oof. A warning from Duckworth as he steps into Murray’s serve and clips a first-time winner on the opening point.

Duckworth passes up the chance by throwing one long, as Murray pounds down an ace. It’s followed by another big serve, as Murray crushes the forehand next.

Another ace, another hold. 2-2.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 1-2 Duckworth

21:08 , Jamie Braidwood

Duckworth plays a smart forehand past Murray but an error allows Murray to get a look in at 15-30.

Duckworth plays a devlish drop shot and Murray is annoyed with himself at failing to read it.

A return from Murray drift long but a double fault from the Australian brings up deuce.

Duckworth plays a cracker of a backhand winner but a wrong call from the line judge means we’re not done yet...

We are now. The return from Murray lands in the net.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 1-1 Duckworth*

21:04 , Jamie Braidwood

A soothing touch at the net from Murray to move to 40-15, slicing the drop shot beyond Duckworth.

Add an ace out wide and that’s an opening hold. “Let’s go Andy, let’s go!” ring the crowd.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 0-1 Duckworth

20:57 , Jamie Braidwood

Back underway. Duckworth has new balls in hand. Murray tests the rafters by hanging one up and Duckworth puts away the smash - before crushing a forehand into the corner. That’s a quick hold of serve from Duckworth - still plenty of power in that arm.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 0-0 Duckworth*

20:54 , Jamie Braidwood

The roof is now closed and the lights come on to a wooo from the Centre Court crowd.

A quick warm-up and we’ll be ready to go.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 Duckworth* - Murray wins the third set!

20:52 , Jamie Braidwood

Well, this is great isn’t it. Back under the roof and under the lights with Andy Murray at Wimbledon. Let’s hope we don’t get a nervy fourth set, though. If Murray can get the early breakthrough he should be fine. Duckworth has not got close to his serve since the opening set.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 Duckworth* - Murray wins the third set!

20:46 , Jamie Braidwood

As expected, due to the darkness here comes the roof.

There will be a break of around 10 minutes while it closes.

Murray 4-6 6-3 6-2 Duckworth* - Murray wins the third set!

20:45 , Jamie Braidwood

Outstanding from Murray! After losing the opening point with a shaky shot into the net, it looked for all the world as if Duckworth would go 0-30 with the smash. Murray got a racket on it and then followed in the drop shot to put away the forehand winner!

Great noise in Center. Duckworth then nets and Murray has two set points.

Another forehand winner and there’s the set! Murray leads!

*Murray 4-6 6-3 5-2 Duckworth

20:41 , Jamie Braidwood

Solid from Duckworth. He asks the question at least. A couple of winners off the forehand gets him to 40-15 and Murray palms the next serve into the net.

He will serve for the third next and I would imagine the fourth will have to take place under the roof on Centre.

Murray 4-6 6-3 5-1 Duckworth*

20:38 , Jamie Braidwood

Another ace. Magic. And this time Duckworth can’t repond. Murray’s serve down the middle is chucked into the net by Duckworth. He’s a game away from the third.

Murray 4-6 6-3 4-1 Duckworth*

20:35 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray has a word with himself after drifting one long, opening the door to Duckworth at 15-30.

Murray steps on a forehand down the line and the change of pace takes Duckworth by surprise as he goes long.

Super from Murray. He drops a tester at the feet of Duckworth and then races to reach the reply. He puts away the backhand winner and the crowd loves it.

Duckworth stays in it, though, with a backhand crosscourt winner.

Deuce, but an ace from Murray up the middle comes at a good time, but Duckworth unloads on a backhand winner.

Not out yet - and Murray can’t get over the line as Duckworth again finds joy with the backhand.

Murray keeps the foot on with another good serve out wide - but again Duckworth produces from the baseline with the forehand winner!

We go on.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 4-1 Duckworth

20:29 , Jamie Braidwood

Now, the light in Centre Court is starting to fade... A fourth set, or beyond, may have to take place under the roof.

Discussions are certainly taking place between the referees - I don’t think Duckworth is too happy about it at the moment.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 4-1 Duckworth - Murray breaks!

20:27 , Jamie Braidwood

What movement from Murray! He goes from back to front to chase down Duckworth’s shots and then sticks away the smash on the opening point.

Murray then drops a nasty one into the feet of Duckworth, who nets. 0-30.

He replies with an ace, but Murray can see the opening.

He attacks the second serve of Duckworth on the backhand side and gets his reward!

Two break points. Duckworth responds again with an ace.

And there it is! Murray goes at the feet of Duckworth on the return, and he pushes long!

Double break!

Murray 4-6 6-3 3-1 Duckworth*

20:22 , Jamie Braidwood

I don’t believe it! An underarm drop shot serve from Murray! I don’t think I’ve seen that before from him - must be taking lessons from Kyrgios.

It gets him to 30-0, before a loose forehand gets Duckworth back in it.

Duckworth then nets another quite simple one - Murray has been receiving a fair few gifts of late - but Murray throws one back as a shot drifts long.

40-30 - and long again from Murray!

Deuce. Time for another underarm?

Brilliant from Murray at the net, the volley clipped and finding its angle.

‘Mooon’ he yells! Duckworth nets the serve down the middle and Murray gets the hold.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 2-1 Duckworth - Murray breaks!

20:18 , Jamie Braidwood

That’s liifted the mood - but there’s still a long way to go.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 2-1 Duckworth - Murray breaks!

20:17 , Jamie Braidwood

Great athleticism from Murray to chase around the court and reach a flicked pass from Duckworth, and drop it beyond the net.

Murray goes close to hitting his racket off the grass after Duckworth puts away the smash.

Murray is still in this, as Duckworth shovels a forehand long. Challenge unsuccessful.

And here’s break point! Murray matches Duckworth and then drops a beauty over the net with a touch of backspin.

Duckworth is close to an ace - chance.

And Murray gets it! He stayed in the rally and from there Duckworth lost control - his forehand finding the bottom of the net!

Murray 4-6 6-3 1-1 Duckworth*

20:12 , Jamie Braidwood

Ah, Murray should be 30-0 quickly but nets an easy smash.

The return from Duckworth that finds the net is a gift, though.

Ace! There’s 40-15. And another!

Murray barely lost a point on his serve in the previous set and he’s started on the right foot here.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 0-1 Duckworth

20:10 , Jamie Braidwood

Now then, for a moment it looks like Duckworth has landed a forehand winner but it’s wide, and suddenly it’s 0-30 on the Duckworth serve.

Murray tries his hardest to return a series of Duckworth smashes but he eventually puts one away...

But a double fault from Duckworth hands Murray two break points!

The first one goes begging, cheaply, on the return.

Duckworth goes on the attack and Centre Court holds its breath as Murray’s lob hangs, hangs, but drops long.

A bomb down the middle from Duckworth - Murray cries out in frustration - and the hold is quickly sealed.

*Murray 4-6 6-3 Duckworth - Murray takes the second set!

20:04 , Jamie Braidwood

Strap in, folks. Murray may have us in for a long one.

There’s a slight delay as Duckworth heads inside for a toilet break. Murray is on the record of wanting them to be as short as possible...

*Murray 4-6 6-3 Duckworth - Murray takes the second set!

20:02 , Jamie Braidwood

Right - that’s a start. Murray a little tentative on the second serve but Duckworth nets.

That’s much better, as Murray lands one down the middle and a stretching Duckworth drifts along.

And another one down - this time a sliced serve out wide that Duckworth also nets.

Three set points - and he only needs one! Duckworth spinning back nets on the slice.

All square once more.

*Murray 4-6 5-3 Duckworth

19:59 , Jamie Braidwood

Smooth from Duckworth as he clips a backhand lob over Murray to get to 40-15. The dropped volley at the net isn’t bad either.

Murray will now serve for the second set.

Murray 4-6 5-2 Duckworth*

19:56 , Jamie Braidwood

“No..” Duckworth sighs as he frames a second serve return into the net, and Murray then fires an ace down the middle to get to 30-15.

Another miss-hit from Duckworth, this time sailing over the baseline, and the hold is sealed with a second ace, this time out wide.

It feels much rosier out on Centre Court now.

*Murray 4-6 4-2 Duckworth

19:50 , Jamie Braidwood

Good play from Murray at 0-30, stepping into the court and forcing Duckworth to net. A clipped forehand goes wide - but not by much, and Murray elects not to challenge.

Duckworth fails to put away a volley at the net and Murray sees his chance to pull off the backhand pass - and there’s another!

Great winner from Murray on the run, and it brings up deuce.

Power from Murray! He switches it up and goes from slice to attack, as Duckworth frames.

Break point. It’s a nervy second serve from Duckworth but he battles back into it. Murray stands strong though and there’s the error from Duckworth! He pushes a forehand wide and there’s the break! 4-2!

Murray 4-6 3-2 Duckworth*

19:46 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray is inches away from making it 12 points in a row on serve, but the ace was long and Duckworth gets on the board with a tidy drop shot.

Murry, for only the second or so time really, opens up the court with a fine forehand winner that clips the line.

*Murray 4-6 2-2 Duckworth

19:44 , Jamie Braidwood

Duckworth replies with a hold of love for his own - helped by a loose Murray backhand that drifted long.

Crowd trying to get Murray back into this.

Murray 4-6 2-1 Duckworth*

19:40 , Jamie Braidwood

SIgns of encouragement, at least, as Murray sails through a successive service game. He’s helped by Duckworth putting a forehand long but that’s two straight holds to love.

*Murray 4-6 1-1 Duckworth

19:38 , Jamie Braidwood

Chance! Murray, on the run, hangs a hopeful shot into the sky and Duckworth blinks on the smash as it finds the net.

There are gasps as Duckworth is faced with the same shot on break point - but he holds his nerve to put it away this time.

Murray is then sent chasing aorund the court by Duckworth. He reaches the drop shot but the Australian puts away the volley at the net to take the hold.

*Murray 4-6 1-0 Duckworth

19:34 , Jamie Braidwood

A good touch at the net from Duckworth is followed by a double point - before the point of the match! Duckworth clipped the baseline twice in a lengthy exchange, before Murray went crosscourt and the Australian couldn’t keep the drop shot in play.

He responds with a quick one-two winner, and then an ace. 40-30 and in the blink of an eye.

There’s brilliant from Murray though. He senses Duckworth behind the baseline and drops him with the backspin.

Deuce - but Murray frames a forehand, and Duckworth can’t take advantage as he nets on a questionable drop shot.

Duckworth responds with a no-nonsense ace, but Murray outlasts him on the next rally as Duckworth goes long.

We go on.

Murray 4-6 1-0 Duckworth*

19:29 , Jamie Braidwood

We go again. Murray starts with ball in hand and some of his best serving of the match gets him the hold to love.

*Murray 4-6 Duckworth - Duckworth takes the opening set

19:26 , Jamie Braidwood

Not in the script, that.

*Murray 4-6 Duckworth - Duckworth takes the opening set

19:25 , Jamie Braidwood

Duckworth nets on the opening point but then outmanouvers Murray around the baseline to put away the winner.

Now, though, Duckworth blinks on a volley at the net and puts it long.

15-30, but Murray can’t keep Duckworth’s serve in play off the block return.

Still, a chance. But another big Duckworth serve drifts long on the return.

Set point. Duckworth is inches away from an ace but follows it up with a clean winner on the forehand.

Murray 4-5 Duckworth* - Duckworth breaks

19:20 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray starts off with a solid first serve down the middle, before Duckworth reads his drop shot and pins Murray back on his forehand side.

Woah. A bomb from Murray leaves Duckworth stretching. More of them, please.

Duckworth goes cross-court with his return and clips the baseline, as Murray tries to challenge.

30-30, and Duckworth hangs on with a string of slices before Murray nets on the forehand attack.

Big point at 4-4, 30-40. Murray is left with a second serve and and Duckworth absolutely siezes on it. Winner straight off the bat from the Australian and he will serve for the opening set.

*Murray 4-4 Duckworth

19:17 , Jamie Braidwood

Duckworth pushes a forehand wide before Murray turns away in frustration as he puts a second serve from Duckworth into the net.

Duckworth then slips chasing back on the backhand and Murray needs no invitation to step in and put away the winner.

15-30, but that’s loose again from Murray on the second serve as he this time pushes it long. He stares up at his box.

Another return from Murray finds the net as he looked for the cross-court pass - and add another one to the collection too as Duckworth takes the hold.

There was a chance there, I think.

Murray 4-3 Duckworth*

19:12 , Jamie Braidwood

Good play from Murray to follow up a shot that wrong-foots Duckworth and put away the backhand winner.

Duckworth then incorrectly challenges a call on the baseline but a double fault from Murray gets him back into it.

Duckworth groans as he nets on the backhand under little pressure, but then the ball gets stuck under Murray’s feet for 40-30.

“Let’s go!” says Murray as Duckworth frames a solid serve out wide.

*Murray 3-3 Duckworth

19:08 , Jamie Braidwood

Still some empty seats on Centre but there are gasps as Murray flashes a backhand winner straight off the Duckworth serve for 15-15.

Duckworth replies with an ace but nets, although another well place serve, this time out wide, brings up game point at 40-30.

And Duckworth closes it with another strong serve down the middle.

Murray 3-2 Duckworth*

19:04 , Jamie Braidwood

“Let’s got Andy, let’s go” rings around Centre as Murray pumps himself up.

He quickly wins the first two points on serve - and there we go! He finds the big serve down the middle for his first ace of the match.

Nicely done. He finds a nice angle on the backhand and Duckworth steers wide.

*Murray 2-2 Duckworth - Murray breaks !

19:02 , Jamie Braidwood

Duckworth finds an ace down the middle after netting on the opening point of his servince game.

‘Mon!’ cries Murray as Duckworth nets again.

Great return from Murray as Duckworth lands a first serve, fired straight back at the Australian and catching the baseline. Duckworth nets stumbling backwards.

Two break points. He saves the first with a big serve out wide.

Brilliant! There was a puff of white chalk as Duckworth hit the first serve on the line, but Murray defended well on the backhand slice after getting into the point, and Duckworth nets!

Murray 1-2 Duckworth* - Duckworth breaks

18:57 , Jamie Braidwood

Three early break points for Duckworth. It’s brilliantly played from the Australian. Murray was right to follow up strong play by coming into the net but Duckworth produced two perfect lobs to pass him.

And there’s the early break. Duckworth attacks Murray’s forehand and the 35-year-old nets.

Duckworth, who has not won a match on tour this season, has settled very well and there are some uneasy glances around Centre Court.

*Murray 1-1 Duckworth

18:52 , Jamie Braidwood

An opening ace from Duckworth is followed by more aggressive play and Murray is forced to defend, but hangs on to win the point.

Murray then nets off more power from Duckworth but after the Australian clips the net, he tucks away a lovely backspin drop shot to get to 30-30.

Duckworth attacks Murray with the slice and then switches up to send him chasing, before putting away the smash.

40-30, but a good backhand from Murray at the baseline brings the error from Duckworth at the net.

Deuce, and it’s loose from Murray on the forehand side. Duckworth then goes for the drop shot - Murray reads it but can’t keep the flicked reply in play.

Murray 1-0 Duckworth*

18:48 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray is serving into the evening sun and two early errors from Duckworth quickly brings up 30-0. Murray then duffs a forehand which catches the line, and Duckworth puts away the forehand winner.

Murray then stretches to pick up a Duckworth forehand and the Australian steps in to put another winner behind Murray for 30-30.

Murray thinks he’s found his first serve but it’s long, Duckworth steps in again on the second but cannot get the pick-up over the net.

40-30, and as a slice from Duckworth creeps into the net it seals the opening hold.

*denotes next server

Andy Murray vs James Duckworth

18:44 , Jamie Braidwood

Centre Court still has plenty of empty seats following Raducanu’s win. I’m sure they will fill up as the first set progresses.

And we’re underway!

Andy Murray vs James Duckworth

18:42 , Jamie Braidwood

“Two minutes,” says the umpire on Centre Court as Andy Murray and James Duckworth conclude their warm-ups on the opening day on play.

We’re almost set and the roof remains open on centre. It’s turned into a fresh and sunny evening in SW19.

Murray won the toss and elected to serve.

Emma Raducanu defeats Alison van Uytvanck to reach Wimbledon second round

18:37 , Michael Jones

Homecomings are rarely supposed to amount to more than a procession but, nine months after her dizzying US Open triumph, Emma Raducanu required all her skill and tenacity to survive the gauntlet of her Wimbledon return. Be it the weight of expectation, concerns over her fitness or simply the quality and guile of her dangerous opponent, Alison Van Uytvanch, it was a sense of jeopardy rather than celebration that underlined the 19-year-old’s debut on Centre Court.

A 6-4 6-4 scoreline couldn’t illustrate an exhausting 100 minutes on court that featured no shortage of drama as breaks were exchanged and momentum shifted as quickly as cheers could turn into gasps. Raducanu’s opening service game was a titanic saga in itself, but it was the Briton who drew first blood and, although she immediately surrendered that advantage, Raducanu rallied again to clinch a rollercoaster first set. The second was more assured, with Raducanu able to impose herself more on points and make use of her wicked forehand as she slowly ground down Van Uytvanck’s resistance. A double-fault surrendered the break at 4-4 and Raducanu closed out the match in style.

“It’s an incredibly special feeling,” Raducanu said. “I felt the support as soon as I walked out of those doors. I want to say thank you to everyone for supporting me, through the tough times as well. It’s all worth it to play here on Centre Court and come through with a win.”

Emma Raducanu defeats Alison van Uytvanck to reach Wimbledon second round

Post-match reaction from Emma Raducanu

18:35 , Michael Jones

“It’s an incredibly special feeling to be back at Wimbledon,” she said. “I felt the support the minute I walked out and walking around the grounds. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been here supporting, through the tough times as well, it’s all worth it to play on Centre Court and come through with a win.

“I know Alison [van Uytvanck] is a tricky opponent, she has had some great results on grass and I played her last summer and it’s really tricky to neutralise that hard serve, she hits the ball really hard.

“I’m extremely pleased to have come through that match and I’m looking forward to coming out and hopefully playing in front of you guys again.

“I’ve been feeling it [the support] since stepping onto the practice courts, I feel people behind me saying ‘Emma, you’ve got this!’ and it makes me think ‘yes, I’ve got this!’ It’s amazing to walk on these grounds and courts so I’m just so happy to stay another day.”


Emma Raducanu beats Alison van Uytvanck to reach Wimbledon second round

18:31 , Michael Jones

A delighted Emma Raducanu wins on her debut on Centre Court. She’s into the second round at Wimbledon but faces another difficult customer in Caroline Garcia. How far can she go?


Van Uytvanck 4-6, 4-6 Raducanu*

18:18 , Michael Jones

There it is! Emma Raducanu wins on her Centre Court debut!

She moves 40-0 up in the final game of the match before firing a drop shot over to the left side of the court. Van Uytvanck races up to the ball and flicks it back but the teenage meets it on the volley and whacks it into the open space!

Raducanu is through to the second round.

Van Uytvanck* 4-6, 4-5 Raducanu

18:13 , Michael Jones

It’s a mistake from Alison van Uytvanck who goes too long on her serve and double faults to give Emma Raducanu the game!

The US Open champ now has the opportunity to serve for the match.

Van Uytvanck* 4-6, 4-4 Raducanu

18:12 , Michael Jones

We’re at the time in the set that every point Raducanu gets is met with loud cheers and silence when Van Uytvanck takes the point.

Raducanu latches onto a backhand return from Van Uytvanck’s second serve and draws the game level at 30-30.

The Belgian then smokes one into the net and Raducanu finds herself with a break point!

Van Uytvanck 4-6, 4-4 Raducanu*

18:09 , Michael Jones

Game Raducanu! All square once more.

Van Uytvanck 4-6, 4-3 Raducanu*

18:08 , Michael Jones

This is an important game for Raducanu. Van Uytvanck has her at 30-30 and the pressure is on.

Great rally. Van Uytvanck slices the ball over the net and the 19-year-old counters with a backhand slice of her own. The Belgian gets the ball back but Raducanu follows it up with a powerful two-handed backhand that Van Uytvanck dinks into the net.


Van Uytvanck* 4-6, 4-3 Raducanu

18:05 , Michael Jones

This set could come down to the wire. Alison van Uytvanck keeps herself in front with a nice hold after being 15-15. She wins the game by whipping a forehand on the angle across court.

It’s evident that she enjoys that shot. She’s played it a few times today and it’s worked for her most of the time.

Van Uytvanck 4-6, 3-3 Raducanu*

18:00 , Michael Jones

Raducanu follows up her break with a confident service game to love. The 19-year-old is back on level terms in the set at three games apiece.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Van Uytvanck* 4-6, 3-2 Raducanu

17:57 , Michael Jones

Well played Emma! Raducanu breaks back immediately after Van Uytvanck goes too long with an overhead smash.

Game on.

Van Uytvanck 4-6, 3-1 Raducanu*

17:53 , Michael Jones

That’s a big steal from Alison van Uytvanck who completes her break of serve against Raducanu. The 28-year-old now has control of the second set.

How will the British no. 1 respond?

Van Uytvanck 4-6, 2-1 Raducanu*

17:50 , Michael Jones

This is only Emma Raducanu’s seventh professional match on grass. In comparison Van Uytvanck has had double the amount on matches on grass this year alone.

Raducanu gives away the first two points of her next service game and has some work to do to hold.

Van Uytvanck* 4-6, 2-1 Raducanu

17:46 , Michael Jones

The early stages of the second set stay on serve as Van Uytvanck emulates Raducanu with a service game to love.

Van Uytvanck 4-6, 1-1 Raducanu*

17:44 , Michael Jones

It’s a brilliant response from Raducanu though who takes the next game to love. She seems to have found her range and rhythm.

It’s a fantastic winner from the 19-year-old too. Whipping a cross court forehand narrowly over the net to the far side of court and leaving Van Uytvanck no chance to get there.

All square in the second set.

Van Uytvanck* 4-6, 1-0 Raducanu

17:41 , Michael Jones

Alison Van Uytvanck holds! That’s got to be difficult to take for Emma Raducanu. She had so many opportunities to win the game but let them all slide.

Van Uytvanck* 4-6, 0-0 Raducanu

17:39 , Michael Jones

Incredibly impressive stuff from Emma Raducanu who’s given herself five attempts to break in the second set opener.

She is yet to take one as the game goes into it’s seventh deuce.

Van Uytvanck 4-6 Raducanu*

17:30 , Michael Jones

Raducanu takes the first set! It takes her two attempts from deuce but a powerful cross court backhand is enough to trouble Van Uytvanck who can only guide her own backhand effort into the net.

Emma Raducanu takes a one set lead on Centre Court.


Van Uytvanck 4-5 Raducanu*

17:26 , Michael Jones

Great save! Van Uytvanck has two break points but Raducanu hits her with a couple of heavy serves and follow ups to take the game to deuce.

Can she win it?

Van Uytvanck 4-5 Raducanu*

17:22 , Michael Jones

Too good. Van Uytvanck positions herself just inside the baseline in the middle of court and forces Raducanu to try and go around her.

She can’t and the Belgian takes advantage with a fine forehand winner to the back right corner.


Van Uytvanck* 4-5 Raducanu

17:20 , Michael Jones

Raducanu dances up the court and flicks a backhand down the line to get 30-0 up on Van Uytvanck’s serve.

A powerful forehand forces the Belgian to hit the ball into the net and Raducanu has three break points.

She converts! The British no. 1 has the chance to serve out the set now.

Van Uytvanck 4-4 Raducanu*

17:17 , Michael Jones

Immediate break back. Composed play from Van Uytvanck who takes advantage of Raducanu’s mistakes and draws level in the set.

Van Uytvanck 3-4 Raducanu*

17:16 , Michael Jones

Pressure! Raducanu gives away the first two points of her service game after Van Uytvanck pushes up to the net to control the rallies.

Another mistake from Raducanu sees her mishit a return and the Belgian has three break points in front of her.

Van Uytvanck* 3-4 Raducanu

17:13 , Michael Jones

It’s a break! There’s a loud cheer around Centre Court as Emma Raducanu brings the match alive by converting her break point.

Can she hold serve to full take advantage?

Van Uytvanck* 3-3 Raducanu

17:12 , Michael Jones

Pressure on Van Uytvanck. She concedes the first point in the next game then gets sucked into a testing rally. Raducanu dinks the ball over the net and just keeps it play before the Belgian sprints over to it and knocks the ball to the baseline.

Raducanu is off balance and miscues a lob over the net but Van Uytvanck fails to take advantage and hits her return too long.

0-30 to Raducanu.

Van Uytvanck 3-3 Raducanu*

17:09 , Michael Jones

Raducanu is just as good. An flutter in the service game sees Van Uytvanck pick up a point but a flawless response from the 19-year-old brings her level in the set.

Van Uytvanck* 3-2 Raducanu

17:05 , Michael Jones

Is Alison van Uytvanck settling into this match?

She completes another fine service game to move ahead once more in the set. This time conceding just one point.

Van Uytvanck 2-2 Raducanu*

17:02 , Michael Jones

Another hold. Raducanu feels a tingle of pressure as Van Uytvanck whips a fine backhand winner past her but the 19-year-old closes out the game in style in the next rally.

Van Uytvanck 2-1 Raducanu*

17:00 , Michael Jones

There’s a hawkeye review against Emma Raducanu after she delivers a cross court winner. The initial call is out but the ball just clips the line and Raducanu moves 30-15 ahead.

Van Uytvanck hooks one wide in the next rally and Raducanu moves within one point of the game.


Van Uytvanck* 2-1 Raducanu

16:57 , Michael Jones

Perhaps it’s to be expected after two gruelling opening games but Raducanu isn’t at the races against Van Uytvanck’s next service game and the 28-year-old storms to a 2-1 lead in the first set.

She served out the game to love.

Van Uytvanck 1-1 Raducanu*

16:54 , Michael Jones

Brilliant mental fortitude from Emma Raducanu who’s been asked to save three break points. This game has gone on for over 10 minutes.

It’s a hold! Exceptional from Raducanu who sends down a sharp serve to keep Van Uytvanck at the back of court. She follows it up with a cross court forehand before coming up to the net and dropping over the winner!

One game apiece in the first set.

Van Uytvanck 1-0 Raducanu*

16:51 , Michael Jones

‘Come on!’ yells Raducanu after she wins a tricky rally. Van Uytvanck tests her with several forehand slices but Raducanu is up to the task and responds with a backhanded drop slice to move to advantage in the game.

Raducanu finds the net in the next rally though and her hard work is undone.

Back to deuce.

Van Uytvanck 1-0 Raducanu*

16:48 , Michael Jones

What a shot from Alison van Uytvanck! Emma Raducanu moves 40-30 ahead in the game and flicks the ball over to the Belgian’s forehand.

Van Uytvanck turns her wrist over the shot and whips the ball over to the far side of court from a really tight angle to bring the game to deuce.

Nothing Raducanu can do about that one.

Van Uytvanck 1-0 Raducanu*

16:46 , Michael Jones

Good play from Raducanu. There’ll be a fair bit of pressure on the 19-year-old as she carries the British hopes for this year’s tournament.

So far Raducanu has been feeling her way into the match, keeping the rallies alive and waiting for Van Uytvanck to take the initiative and make mistakes.

30-15 to Raducanu.

Van Uytvanck* 1-0 Raducanu

16:42 , Michael Jones

Raducanu can’t take it! Van Uytvanck draws level at deuce before saving another break point as Raducanu knocks one into the net.

On the third deuce the Beligan sends down an ace that just touches the centre line before Raducanu finds the net once more with a return off the serve.

Van Uytvanck takes the first game.

Van Uytvanck* 0-0 Raducanu

16:40 , Michael Jones

Break point chance! What a response from Raducanu at 30-0 down. She forces two errors out of Van Uytvanck and gives the crowd a fist pump to get them behind her.

Van Uytvanck then fizzes another shot into the net and Raducanu has her first chance to break.

Van Uytvanck* 0-0 Raducanu

16:38 , Michael Jones

28-year-old Alison van Uytvanck gets the match underway on Centre Court with a heavy serve that Emma Raducanu only manages to softly knock back.

Van Uytvanck follows it up with a guided forehand to take the first point of the match.

Novak Djokovic overcomes Soonwoo Kwon test to begin Wimbledon defence

16:36 , Michael Jones

Back to Wimbledon but not exactly back to business for Novak Djokovic. There was a moment where it appeared the six-time Wimbledon champion had found an unlikely sanctuary after the events of the past 12 months but thanks to controlled aggression from the unheralded Soonwoo Kwon, Djokovic was faced with an afternoon that, like his year, was far from straightforward.

There was a storm brewing on Centre Court as Kwon served out the second set, and that wasn’t just overhead as the rain pittered on the closed roof to the sound of thunder above the All England Club. The 24-year-old troubled Djokovic at times with a big serve, patience in the lengthy exchanges and an exquisite touch at the net that really should have been utilised more often.

It gave Djokovic a brief scare but as Kwon’s accuracy waned the size of the task at hand for a player ranked 81 in the world became clear, as the top seed and favourite for the men’s title rattled out a 6-3 3-6 6-3 6-4 win.

Novak Djokovic overcomes Soonwoo Kwon test to begin Wimbledon defence

Van Uytvanck vs Raducanu

16:33 , Michael Jones

Alison van Uytvanck and Emma Raducanu step out on Centre Court to a good round of applause.

Raducanu is the no. 10 seed in the women’s tournament but the odds are against her for this afternoon’s match. According to Betfair, Van Uytvanck is the 4/7 favourite with Raducanu only 11/8 on to progress to the second round.

Record breaker

16:30 , Michael Jones

Novak Djokovic becomes the first player to record 80 singles wins at all four Grand Slam events.

On reaching that record at Wimbledon he said: “This sport has given me everything, I owe a lot to the sport and I love it still with all my heart. I am as dedicated as anyone out there, I am not one of the youngsters anymore but the love for this sport still burns in me and I try to always play my best tennis at the Grand Slams and deliver my best tennis at the best courts. Now that we’re at 80, let’s get to 100.”

Post-match reaction from Novak Djokovic

16:25 , Michael Jones

“I’ve said this before but this court is truly special, for me it has always been the court I dreamed of playing and winning and all my childhood dreams came true here so it’s an honour and pleasure to be back on Centre Court.

“Credit to Kwon [Soon-woo] for playing some really high-quality tennis, he deserves an applause. Starting the tournament, I didn’t have any lead-up or preparation tournaments prior to this so you’re always going to feel a bit less comfortable than you would like, particularly if you’re playing against someone as talented as Kwon who stays close to the line and hits really clean.

“It was difficult to go through him so I had to figure out a way to get in control, it wasn’t easy. I had to put some variety in the game. The serve helped but at this level one or two shots decide a winner. I’m glad I was on the winning side today.”


Next up on Centre Court

16:21 , Michael Jones

Britain’s Emma Raducanu is next to take centre stage on Wimbledon’s top court. There is talk that the roof will be opening for her match against Alison van Uytvanck.

This is a tricky opening match for the US Open champion. Can she make it into the next round?


Norrie to face Munar in second round

16:18 , Michael Jones

Cameron Norrie has just beaten one Spanish player in Pablo Andujar and has another one to come in round two as he will take on world number 71 Jaime Munar.

25-year-old Munar is aiming to get into the third round of a Grand Slam for the first time in his career having advanced thanks to a 6-2, 6-4, 7-5 win over Brazil’s Thiago Monteiro earlier today.

Norrie 6-0, 7-6 (7-3), 6-3 Andujar

16:12 , Michael Jones

Game, set and match to Norrie!

After a lenghty wait due to the weather Cameron Norrie finally earns his victory on Court 2 against Pablo Andujar. The finally game had eight deuces but Norrie eventually broke Andujar’s resistance and makes it into the second round.

A great start to the tournament for the British no. 1.

Djokovic* 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 Kwon

16:10 , Michael Jones

Game, set and match to Novak Djokovic with yet another service game to love against Kwon Soon-woo.

It wasn’t the easiest of victories for the defending champion but Djokovic advances into the next round.


Djokovic 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 5-4 Kwon*

16:06 , Michael Jones

Job done on the Kwon serve as he sees off an attack from Djokovic and gets the crowd onside with a lovely drop shot.

Djokovic then belts one long and gives the game to the South Korean who now has to break Djokovic to keep the match alive.

Djokovic* 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 5-3 Kwon

16:02 , Michael Jones

Kwon Soon-woo is on the brink now. Another service game to love from the No. 1 seed and Novak Djokovic is within one game of taking the match.

Djokovic 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 4-3 Kwon*

15:59 , Michael Jones

Kwon stems the flow of points heading Djokovic’s way and keeps himself in the match with a well fought victory in his next service game.

Kwon lands a couple of drop shots which were working well earlier on but then went back in the locker.

Djokovic* 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 4-2 Kwon

15:57 , Michael Jones

The momentum is firmly on the side of Novak Djokovic. Eight points in a row, two games won and he opens a two game advantage in the fourth set.

The match is running away from Kwon Soon-woo now.

Djokovic 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 3-2 Kwon*

15:53 , Michael Jones

Too good from Djokovic!

He breaks Kwon’s serve to love and moves ahead in the fourth set. That could be the deciding factor of the match.

The defending champion just needs to hold serve now and he’ll be in the next round.

Djokovic* 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 2-2 Kwon

15:52 , Michael Jones

Equally good from Novak Djokovic.

Both players have settled into a nice rhythm on their serve and this set will come down to the player who maintains that level the best.

Djokovic tends to always improve as matches go on and the pressure will be on Kwon to match him.

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