Who will win Grammys in 2024, according to 2 astrologers and 2 tarot readers

Can astrology predict the winners of the 2024 Grammy Awards?

We tested out astrological predictions for last year's Super Bowl and Oscars. Now, we're looking to see what the cosmos has to say about the 66th Grammys, set to air on Sunday, Feb. 4.

Below, see predictions for record of the year, album of the year and best new artist. Remember: It's not us, it's not our opinion — it's the heavens'.

Is it possible to predict the outcome of events using astrology? Here’s our methodology

Astrologers and esoteric practitioners, like me, don't make predictions using statistics and polling, as political commentators do. Instead, we use tools from a more spiritual toolbox, like the study of planetary transits and the pulling of tarot cards.

To determine possible Grammy winners, I used astrological transits occurring the day and time of the event, and saw how they might coincide with nominees' natal charts using their publicly available birthdays.

  • I looked at the nominees' Sun and Venus signs, which denote fame and creativity.

  • I zeroed in on activity in their Fifth House of artistic ventures and 10th House of public image.

  • I also considered the "nodes of destiny", which are dictated by the lunar nodes of the moon, and indicate karmic and fated events. If their Aries North Node was in a fortuitous place, I took this as a mark of victory.

  • I also looked at their Jupiter signs, as Jupiter governs luck and expansion.

  • The moon will be in Sagittarius the night of the Grammys, an encouraging sign. I examined the aspects it was making to nominees' natal charts.

  • Uranus may play a big role because it was aspecting many nominees' charts, indicating unconventional picks or surprise losses.

To include an array of voices, I also reached out to other practitioners, like tarot readers, who pulled cards in some categories.

Song of the year

Eight songs are up for this award. Of all the nominees, a few stand out as having particularly fortuitous transits, per astrology.

Astrologer Kelly Beauvais tells TODAY.com she believes Taylor Swift will ultimately win in this category due to the amount of luck being brought her way through the cosmos.

Read on to see what's going on in nominees' charts, and how it might impact their odds.

“Anti-Hero ” by Taylor Swift

Since Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius sun, the transiting moon on the night of the Grammys will align with her sun sign, giving her a lot of strength to win.

“A&W” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a contender to win since her Venus is being aspected by transiting Jupiter. This is an expansion of good vibes and popularity as well as creative success.

"Butterfly" and "Worship" by Jon Batiste

Batiste's task-master Saturn is aspecting the transiting moon in Sagittarius. It’s not the most gratuitous aspect for getting success; however, he is experiencing his nodal return, which occurs every 18 to 19 years, thrusting him into new territory for his career.

“Dance the Night” by Dua Lipa

With Uranus aspecting her sun, and her Mars on the transiting South Node it looks like the Grammys will be a letdown, even though she gave her all to the "Barbie" song.

“Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

The alignment of Miley Cyrus’ sun sign with the transiting moon may give her a boost towards success, but the unpredictable nature of the planet Uranus will create tension and may prevent her from winning the award.

“Kill Bill” by SZA

Uranus bringing an unexpected result may lead to disappointment for his fans and unexpected outcomes.

“Not Strong Enough” by boygenius

Looking at the year Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker formed boygenius, it's doubtful this is going to be their Grammys year. 2025 would be luckier.

“What Was I Made For?” by Billie Ellish

Astrologically speaking, Billie Eilish is one of the likeliest to win because the lucky Sagittarius moon will be transiting her 10th house of public career and image on the night of the Grammys,.

“Vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo

The south node in Libra present in Olivia Rodrigo’s 10th house of career isn't necessarily a lucky placement, at least when it comes to winning the record of the year Grammy.

“On My Mama” by Victoria Monét

Victoria Monét's sun sign is currently being graced by the fortunate presence of Jupiter, indicating a potential period of prosperity, expansion, and abundance.

Album of the year

For this category, we switched up our methodology and had two tarot readers, Sarah Potter and Theresa Reed, pull cards for each of the nominees. Some of them are aligned; some contradictory — regardless, here's what the cards have in store.

"World Radio Music" by Jon Batiste

Reed pulled: Seven of Swords. Associated with deceit and betrayal, this is not the most welcome card. In this case, it suggests someone else sneaks off with the win.

Potter pulled: Two of Cups, reversed. Whereas Two of Cups signifies harmony, the reversed means something is missing.

"The Record" by boygenius

Reed pulled: Five of Pentacles. This card suggests “outsiders,” which means it’s unlikely they’ll score the win, even if one is merited.

Potter pulled: The Hierophant reversed. The band’s strength comes from working together; the sum is greater than the parts. They are showing the world a new way of being a rockstar. They aren’t following music traditions or rules of the way a rock band should be and that’s working really well for them.

“Endless Summer Vacation” by Miley Cyrus

Reed pulled: Five of Cups, which suggests loss or disappointment. Sorry, Miley.

Potter pulled: Seven of Pentacles, indicating that lot of time and energy went into to this album. Whether she wins or loses a Grammy, Miley Cyrus should celebrate a job well done.

“Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” by Lana Del Rey

Reed pulled: Four of Cups. This denotes rejection. Someone else takes home the prize, and Lana Del Rey is overlooked.

Potter pulled: The Hierophant. Lana Del Rey’s ability to march to the beat of her own drum is what makes this album powerful. She’s a visionary, but is her unique point of view enough to win?

"The Age of Pleasure" by Janelle Monáe

Reed pulled: Eight of Pentacles. Not necessarily a winner, but a fine piece of work. Monáe brings it, but might not bring home home the gold.

Potter pulled: Ace of Pentacles. The start of something new and promising. The night brings good fortune for Janelle Monáe’s album and career.

"Guts" by Olivia Rodrigo

Reed pulled: The Tower. In tarot, The Tower shows an upset or surprise. That means Olivia Rodrigo will be a wild card on Grammys night. That doesn’t mean a win — but certainly something that shocks people.

Potter pulled: The Empress. Rodrigo’s creativity and empowerment is on full display on this album. This is a strong indication of the album's meaning, whether she wins or not.

"Midnights" by Taylor Swift

Reed pulled: Wheel of Fortune. Lady Luck smiles on Taylor Swift. This could be a fortunate night for her album.

Potter pulled: Ten of Pentacles. Falling at the end of the pentacles suit, this album cements Swift's legacy, signifying completion.

"SOS" by SZA

Reed pulled: Judgment. The judges love SZA. Her album is getting big time attention tonight. If she doesn’t win, expect some people to make noise.

Potter pulled: Two of Pentacles reversed. A destabilizing force, not the outcome one wants.

Best new artist

For the category of best new artist, we combined methodologies. Based on the astrological readings of the contenders in this category, I have come up with a list of top picks. These include Ice Spice, Jelly Roll, Coco Jones, and Victoria Monét.

Gracie Abrams

This is a pivotal moment for Gracie Abrams, as the cosmos will thrust her into the limelight. However, with the astrological aspects, it may not be her moment of glory. The nomination will lead to wonderful things for her, which will make her a bigger star and bring a lot of collaborations her way in the future.

Fred again..

On the night of the Grammys, the sun aligns with Fred again..’s North node. This could be a significant moment for FRED, as it may lead to an award and recognition for his talents.

Reed pulled: The competition is stiff and Fred Again...is overwhelmed. While they have the talent to stand strong, the odds are against them.

Ice Spice

The stars are aligning for Ice Spice to win. With the transiting Moon connecting with her natal Venus in Sagittarius on the day of the Grammy Awards, this could bring her a win, since Ice Spice is the popular choice. Additionally, there are a cluster of Capricorn planets that are currently expecting her Fifth House of creativity, making this an extremely influential time for her to receive recognition.

Potter pulled: Ace of Cups. Whether she wins or not, being nominated for Grammys means that she will be receiving a lot of new dream come true opportunities. This night could be a dream come true, it already is just from being nominated.

Jelly Roll

With the Sagittarius oon connecting with Jelly Roll’s sun sign, he might be one of the top contenders at the Grammys, as this lunar placement is considered to be quite auspicious. This is a time of luck and new beginnings for him.

Potter pulled: The Wheel of Fotune. Jelly Roll has luck on his side and is clearly living out his destiny through his music. This could be a real turning point in his career as there are chances for him to be seen in a new light.

Coco Jones

Currently, Coco Jones’s sun in Capricorn is being squared by the transiting nodes of destiny, which may cause an internal conflict within her. Since her natal moon is on the north node, there is a chance she could attain Grammy glory. Her fame will increase the following day, as the transiting moon aligns with her Mercury in Sagittarius.

Potter pulled: The Star. She’s a star! And she’s inspiring others through her work.

Noah Kahan

Even though this is a powerful time for Noah Kahan, since he is experiencing his nodal return (a fated astrological time that happens every 18-19 years), the connecting between the transiting moon and his natal Saturn aren’t promising for a win, since Saturn limits rather than expands or progresses matters.

Reed pulled: The Hanged Man. figure is associated with sacrifice and faith. Noah Kahan has major talent, but it will be a surprise if he wins. Instead, he must wait. His patience will pay off.

Victoria Monét

Victoria Monét’s Sun will experience an increase in wealth, prosperity, and abundance with the arrival of Jupiter in Taurus. Additionally, the positive energy surrounding him makes him a strong candidate for winning a prestigious award.

Potter pulled: Queen of Pentacles. Success is in the cards! She is talented and accomplished and it is being recognized. She could be our Queen of the Grammys.

Reed pulled: The Sun. The Sun signals success, joy, and abundance. It’s always a great omen to see for career! Victoria Monét will have plenty of reasons to celebrate this evening.

The War and Treaty

When the Jupiter band formed in 2014, the Self Node was in Taurus, and being that is currently accepting the South Node, this could be a time in which the husband and wife have a lot of luck in winning a Grammy.

Reed pulled: The Tower. This is a nope. If they win, it will be the shock of the evening. That being said, they will leave an impact on the evening ... and the future of music.

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