Win by any means necessary – Anthony Joshua says victory is all that matters

Anthony Joshua knows victory is his only option ahead of Saturday’s bout with Jermaine Franklin (Zac Goodwin/PA) (PA Wire)

Anthony Joshua knows victory by any means necessary is all that matters in Saturday’s fight with Jermaine Franklin at O2 Arena.

The former world heavyweight champion will aim to bounce back from his consecutive losses to Oleksandr Usyk and show the boxing community there is plenty of life left in him.

While being an entertainer has always come naturally for the London 2012 gold medallist, he insists that is not top of his priorities and the aim is to merely show new trainer Derrick James that he was right to take him on.

Joshua said: “It is win by any means necessary. We are just here to do a job.

“I respect my opponent and may the best man win. One thing he said is he started eating right for this camp, well he’s dealing with someone who has been living right from the get go.

“I have been putting in work from the day I started this business. It’s going to be a good fight because he’s up against a real one, for sure.

“The goal is not to make it back to the corner, the goal is to take him out. I respect Derrick fully and I trust everything he’s been saying.

“When you’re a student of the game, there are certain times you can be on the same level as people you speak to about boxing but when I speak to Derrick and ask him certain questions, the knowledge he spits is phenomenal.

“The knowledge he gives me is really, really good. We’re at a stage now where the physical side of the fight is done.

I dream big and I want bigger and better things in my life. As I stated in the last press conference, I want to secure the bag and move on in my life.

Anthony Joshua

“Fight week you are still training because it’s part of our nature, but the physical work is done and it’s all about the knowledge.

“You just have to train your mind and honestly Derrick is up there with one of the best people I’ve spoke to about boxing. I appreciate his time.

“I appreciate the fact he took me on and I am looking forward to showing him he hasn’t wasted his time by taking on this project.”

A first win since 2020 for Joshua could open the door for him to finally face fellow Briton Tyson Fury later this summer.

Deontay Wilder and old rival Dillian Whyte have been mooted as potential opponents and the 33-year-old is eager to still dream big during the latter stages of his professional career.

“It’s big, it’s massive. It’s a big fight for me, for sure,” Joshua acknowledged.

“I respect my opponent fully and respect everything he’s been through and we’re here to rock and roll.

“I respect my supporters as well so I have put in the work, I respect my coach so I want to make sure I get the job done in good finish.

“I like the fact (Eddie Hearn) always dangle carrots in front of me, telling me if I do this, this is here and that’s there always leading onto big things.

“I dream big and I want bigger and better things in my life. As I stated in the last press conference, I want to secure the bag and move on in my life.”