Wind Gusts Get Up T0 60 MPH For Parts Of LA, Downing Trees, Damaging Cars

Wind gusts reached up to 60 miles per hour for parts of the county Saturday.

Video Transcript

- Like it out there. Oh, there you go. Look at your hair.

KANDISS CRONE: Well, Chris, the-- yeah, the winds have been whipping around all day, as you said, with my hair. Yeah, you can see. I want to give you a perspective of what we're seeing. Right now, here, it's pretty much been whipping around tree branches, palm fronds, shopping carts. You name it. The gusts have been pretty strong, up to 60 miles an hour across parts of the county.

Here's some video now. A tree came crashing down in Beverly Hills earlier today. This happened near South Beverly Drive and Whitworth Drive. Two cars were damaged, no reports of any injuries. But it certainly left behind a lot of damage. Thankfully, no one-- to at least our knowledge-- was sitting in those parked cars when this all happened.

Here's some video now from the Riviera Country Club, where officials there were forced to suspend the game in the 3rd round of the Genesis Invitational. High winds sent golf balls just rolling around all over the place. They had to stop the match as wind gusts reached 35 miles an hour, catching many off guard. The last time play was suspended for high winds on the PGA Tour was the 2015 Open Championship at St. Andrews.

Well, I spoke to a woman who lives in Van Nuys. She was out here in Porter Ranch. She was startled when the wind brought down a tree in her neighborhood.

- Yeah, there were two power lines that were on the street. And the tree, which was very big and thick, broke. And it was part-- part in the street. That scared me, really scared, because I heard from in my apartment, like, crackling noises. And I was, like, oh, my God.

Now, here's some video out of Chinatown, where strong winds wreaked havoc there. Fortunately, we're not under a red flag warning. But officials with the National Weather Service say that there's still an elevated fire danger because of the high winds which are expected to continue until tomorrow afternoon. We're live in Porter Ranch. Kandiss Crone, CBS2 News.

- All right, Kandiss, thank you. And this windy weather, well, it--