Wind turbines on the roof? Philippe Starck unveils new range of eco-friendly prefab homes

A swimming pool hidden under the decking? Check. Wind turbines on the roof? Check. It's all in a day's work for Philippe Starck, who unveiled the prototype for his new range of eco-friendly houses in Paris this week.

"P.A.T.H." -- which stands for "Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes" -- makes it possible for consumers to order customized, energy-positive, prefabricated houses at the click of a button.

Designed with Slovenian construction company Riko, the houses will produce less energy than they consume thanks to a combination of solar, thermal, solar photovoltaic and wind turbines on the roof.

Each house is available with an all-glass outer shell, a completely wooden structure or as a combination of both, with a huge choice in the material and color of the façade.

Four models are available -- two single-storey homes, one double-storey and a series of individual supplementary units -- and clients can choose from 34 different floor layouts ranging from 140 to 350 square meters.

The houses have been designed to perform in any climate and can be ordered with stylish features such as patio decking concealing an infinity swimming pool.

Additional details include extendable steel awnings and integrated venetian blinds controlled via an iPad application.

Starck, who listed fellow Frenchman Jean Prouvé as one of his inspirations when approaching the prefab design, has been working on the project for six years.

Once ordered, the houses will be delivered within six months, with prices ranging from €2,500 to €4,500 per square meter.

PATH homes will be commercially available as of October 2014 via and through the P.A.T.H. Distribution network.

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