Window company mocked for advert that says ‘if you support Joe Biden and are a liberal, don’t call us’

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 (Plantation Shutters For You)
(Plantation Shutters For You)

An advert for a Florida-based window shutters company has gone viral after stating to viewers if they “support Joe Biden and are a liberal, don’t call us”.

The advert for specialist shutter company Plantation Shutters for You starts with a typical sales pitch read out: “Manufactured in the USA, Plantation Shutters for You is your best choice for plantation shutters. Measured and installed just for you. Built to last.”

The camera pans around to PVC blinds in a house. It’s only when viewers clap eyes on the red scrolling ticker at the top of the screen does it seem unusual. “If you support Joe Biden and are a liberal, don’t call us” it reads, as the voiceover repeats the same message.

The advert, which has been posted on TikTok, Twitter and other platforms has been viewed around five million times. Liberal social media users have been encouraging each other to call the number.

“Hey #GenZ and #Tiktok users ... this company wants to hear from all of us liberals,” wrote one person.

“Oh, they’re gonna get calls, alright...” said a Twitter user.

“Just in case anyone wanted to call and set up an appointment I thought I’d capture the number for you,” posted another user.

“I definitely don’t think it’s a good idea to keep calling playing Lil Jon’s ‘Get Low’ o tie up the line all day,” posted one person.

The Independent called the number to ask for comment on the advert, the number repeatedly went to voicemail.

Another user joked: “What happens if you were a Republican when you bought their shutters, but changed your mind and voted Democrat a couple of years later? Does that void their ‘Lifetime Warranty,’ or do they do something worse?”

This kind of sales and marketing tactic seems to work for the company. In 2021, another Plantation Shutters for You ad offered a discount to “Biden voters who wished they voted for Trump now as well as Trump voters”.

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