Windows 8.1 picks up steam, drives adoption of Microsoft’s new OS

Jacob Siegal
You can download Windows 8.1 Update right now
You can download Windows 8.1 Update right now

When we checked in on Windows adoption rates last month, things weren’t looking great for Microsoft’s most recent operating system. Windows 7 was actually gaining traction faster than Windows 8, but the release of Windows 8.1 has led to a notable increase in Windows 8 users. According to Net Applications, Windows 8.1 now accounts for 1.72% of total computer usage after releasing just two weeks ago. This speedy adoption has brought the overall Windows 8.x market share (which includes both Windows 8 and 8.1) to 9.25%, a boon for Microsoft after a slow September for Windows 8. Unsurprisingly, Windows XP continues to fall off the charts, although its decline has slowed slightly from last month. This boost for Windows 8 is exactly what Microsoft needs heading into the holidays — the question is, will Microsoft be able to maintain this momentum?

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