Windows 8 marketing fiasco deemed even worse than ‘New Coke’

Brad Reed
Microsoft Windows 8 Criticism
Microsoft Windows 8 Criticism

With the Windows Blue update on the way, analysts have already started writing obituaries for Windows 8, the operating system that proved to be immensely polarizing among PC users. While history will likely look upon Windows 8 more kindly than the widely despised Vista, Envisioneering analyst Richard Doherty tells The Financial Times that it will be remembered as the biggest marketing fiasco since Coca Cola decided to rework the formula for its famous soft drink back in the ’80s.

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The difference, says Doherty, is that while Coca Cola ditched New Coke after just three months, Microsoft’s problems with Windows 8 have been “going on for seven months.” Doherty also claims that Coke “listened better” to its customers by moving more quickly to address their concerns.

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The next version of Windows, due to be released this year, is widely expected to dial back some of the radical changes made to the operating system with Windows 8 and may even bring back the platform’s iconic Start button.

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