Windsor mayor leaves council meeting amid demands for resignation

"How upset, pissed, and disgusted I am that Mayor Foppoli would duck out of this meeting. You all had a right to be heard and now he won't hear you."

Video Transcript

JR STONE: The council actually passed the resolution, which basically demands that the mayor resigns, but they don't have the power to make it actually happen. So right now, we're likely to see a recall effort.

DOMINIC FOPPOLI: I have my head held high because I know deep in my heart that I have done nothing criminally wrong and will eventually be cleared.

JR STONE: Windsor mayor and winery owner, Dominic Foppoli, publicly addressing sexual assault allegations for the first time since six women came forward with the accusations-- at least one of them involving drugging a woman. Foppoli's attorney telling us everything was consensual, and the mayor refusing to resign.

DOMINIC FOPPOLI: I am not without faults, but I'm not a criminal. Let the attorney general and the Justice system decide if I did anything wrong when it comes to these allegations.

JR STONE: City council members, in tears at times, during Wednesday's meeting as they called for Foppoli to step down.

DEBORA FUDGE: Now you're making me tear up before I even start. If you love Windsor as much as you said you always have, then you need to resign tonight.

JR STONE: Foppoli co-owns the Christopher Creek Winery with his brother, Joe, who's also asking for his brother to step down as mayor. Wednesday the council voted to demand that the mayor resign, a move that won't change anything. But the Vise Mayor tells us they will now look to recall Foppoli. Community Members outraged with women and men demanding that Foppoli resign immediately.

- Please, step down? And if you don't, I hope to God that you hear my voice in your head.

- Resign, you rapist.

- Dominic, man up my dude.

JR STONE: And back out here live in Windsor. It certainly was an uncomfortable meeting for everybody who was on that virtual call. You had people with anger and sadness, and letting their voice be heard really for the first time tonight. So we shall see what happens going forward, but the recall effort will likely now start up.