WINDSOR MAYOR: Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli's Brother Joe Calls For Him To Step Down From Office

Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli's Brother Joe Calls For Him To Step Down From Office

Video Transcript


- It's true we got you a motorcycle, yeah. You're just gonna [INAUDIBLE]?


- They could be, like, criminally liable.


- --you.

- Whoo, whoo.

- Yeah.

- No, that's OK. Yeah, yeah, that's fine.

JOE FOPPOLI: Joe Foppoli-- J-O-E F-O-P-P-O-L-I.

- All right, so are you representing-- I mean, what's your title-- do you have a title now?

JOE FOPPOLI: I am taking over as the new CEO of Christopher Creek Winery.

I appreciate them being here. It's their right. I wanted to show up personally today, even though we're not open as a winery, to engage and listen to them and their concerns. I feel that we're not necessarily apart as far as, you know, what we believe in.

Essentially, Dominic is no longer part of Christopher Creek. He's not here present-- physically. He will not be one of the owners. He is no longer an employee of Christopher Creek.

- OK, but he had been previously?

JOE FOPPOLI: He had been previously.

- And has recently stepped down.

JOE FOPPOLI: I asked him to step down, yes, and he agreed.

- OK.

JOE FOPPOLI: I was not aware of anything that's going on or has gone on in the past, allegedly.

While I won't comment on ongoing investigations--

- And at this time, are you [INAUDIBLE] or are you--

JOE FOPPOLI: --I believe that our elected officials should be held to higher moral standards. And for that reason, I feel that my brother Dominic should step down as mayor of Windsor.

- My her name is Angela-- A-N-G-E-L-A. I'd rather not give my last name.

- That's fair.

- But I am a resident of Windsor. And I'm out here today to demand that Dominic Foppoli resign effective immediately the mayorship and any involvement in public service. He does not deserve the right to serve in public service. He is a predator, and he needs to be held accountable.

- OK.

- We're here today to tell people that this is his business and they should not be supporting a business of somebody who has done the atrocious things that he's done.

- Do you think he's criminally liable? And if so, what should happen between he and law enforcement?

- I think that he should definitely be held accountable. I think that there should be an investigation, and he should be held to the highest standard of the law.

- All right. And all these charges right now, because everybody gets their day in court, are alleged. What makes you convinced that this is-- all the stuff is true?

- Well, first of all, I believe survivors. Second of all, the extensive research and corroboration that was provided by the "San Francisco Chronicle," I mean, doesn't leave any room for doubt, in my opinion.