Windsor town prepares for funeral of Prince Philip

Preparations for the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral were underway at Windsor Castle on Saturday morning, as police and wardens patrolled the outer grounds ahead of the televised ceremony at 1400GMT (April 17)

Video Transcript

PHIL APPLETON: Considering where he came from, his background, as I say, he's just done a fantastic job in adapting to his role being, if you like, the number two to the Queen but equal, equal status. They seemed to have a great relationship-- obviously private, but he did so much work and the royals do so much work. You've only got to see it on people's faces, how happy they are when they meet them.

SIMON STEPHENS: Well, if I'm honest with you, it's to pay my respects again to Prince Philip, the Duke, the Queen's husband, and again to our Queen. Might also come as well to in respect-- my dad asked me to come and pay respects because he was unfortunately not able to come himself and he's another great believer in the royal family.