Windsurfers surf across frozen Baltic Sea

Using homemade gear, a group of windsurfers headed out onto the frozen Baltic Sea in Helsinki, Finland, on Feb. 28, to take advantage of strong winds.

Video Transcript

FEODOR GURVITS: Conditions are just perfect. I call them "happiness machines." They really make people smile. And it's such a joy-like pure movement. And right now, it's on. I'm teaching people here to windsurf.

ESA HARJULA: The last two weeks has been quite busy. There have been lots of newcomers here. And it's a lot of fun to see people that go in here first time. And it's very easy during wintertime to learn to windsurf. It's a sport. It's a tough sport. You need to have like-- well, it will hurt you. It hurts your hands and have to have the grip from the [? boom. ?] But otherwise, it's quite easy. And compared to summertime, it's much easier. It's actually a good plan to start up on winter, learn to sail, and then continue on the summertime.