Wine 'Flight for Allyship' debuts at San Jose's Santana Row

A new partnership between winemakers and restaurants is taking flight at Santana Row in San Jose.

Video Transcript

- At Santana Row in San Jose, a new partnership rooted in representation is taking flight.

- We don't know what we don't know.

- Left Bank Brasserie wine director Serena Harkey is behind the Flight for Allyship. A program that aims to future underrepresented winemakers. The effort started last summer following the Black Lives Matter protests. This month, she's putting the spotlight on Asian-American winemakers who are based in the Bay Area.

SERENA HARKEY: With what's happening in the AAPI community now, we recognized that this was the time to really acknowledge that community, and give back, and shed a light, and have some exposure for those producers who need it.

- To help curate the program, Harkey worked with an organization called Diversity in Food and Beverage, and inclusive community for those who advocate for equality and equity in the hospitality industry. A portion of the proceeds will go to support their work.

LIA JONES: Representation matters. Again, when you see someone that looks like you, it's compelling. It's welcoming, and it's giving people a sense of belonging.

- In addition to Left Bank, the wine flight will also be available at LB Steak and Meso Modern Mediterranean. Kenny Likitprakong is one of the featured winemakers. He's glad to see both his ghostwriter pinot noir, as well as his Hobo Wine Company Cabernet Sauvignon getting some love.

KENNY LIKITPRAKONG: The people behind a bottle of wine are as important and as big a part of the story as the place and the variety.

- A chance to not only empower those in the industry, but to also educate consumers.

- It is about bringing people together, and it's about the community. And this is just another opportunity to enhance that and get to know someone you wouldn't necessarily have before.

- An opportunity that will, hopefully, inspire more awareness and conversation. In the South Bay, Chris Wen, ABC 7 News.