Who’s Winning Between Streaming and Cinema and Pay TV?

Trey Williams

It’s the million-dollar question that’s hung over the entertainment industry for years: What does streaming mean for traditional pay TV and cinemas? A new survey from market research company Piplsay found that compared with three years ago almost 1 in 2 Americans said they have either cut down on, or stopped going movie theaters altogether. However, 54% of those surveyed said they either go to the movies more now, or their moviegoing habits haven’t changed at all. Also Read: The Death of Movie Theaters? Not So Fast “Streaming services have been challenging Hollywood’s status quo for years, but never has it felt the heat as intensely as it does today,” Piplsay wrote in its report. “Not surprisingly then, that, close to 50% of Americans today either visit multiplexes less often or have stopped watching movies on the big screen altogether. Among the reasons, about 35% of Americans seem to prefer streaming movies at their own convenience over buying expensive movie tickets.” Piplsay surveyed more than 50,000 U.S. residents aged 18 years and older during February. The decline of movie audience has been a much-discussed fear in Hollywood circles. While major exhibition chains have found a way to thrive on the backs...

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