Who wins when a fish and snake tangle? SC man catches life-or-death struggle on video

Mitchell Willetts

A South Carolina man was talking to his friend on the phone by the shore of Lake Moultrie last week when he heard something from the water below.

Looking down, Clyde Hall saw a catfish thrashing at the surface and a snake latched onto its side, the two locked in a life-or-death struggle.

“I heard some splashing,” Hall said. “I looked down and the snake had a big catfish in his mouth. I thought it was awesome.”

With a dockside view of the fight, Hall decided his friend could wait. So he hung up and recorded the scene , then shared it on TikTok.

Hall’s video only captures brief seconds of the murky struggle, and TikTokers had questions. Namely, what happened next and who won? Hall added a voiceover to the video offering some closure.

“The fish kept the snake underwater so … long that he eventually got tired and let him go,” Hall said.

The bottom feeder lived to swim another day.