Winston Smith Family Demands Transparency About His Deadly Shooting

Winston Smith’s family is demanding video footage and solid evidence after he was fatally shot by law enforcement Thursday, Marielle Mohs reports (2:22) WCCO 4 Saturday Morning - June 5, 2021

Video Transcript

- Last night we met Smith's seven-year-old daughter and her mother. Jah'niyah Rogers says she misses her dad.

JAH'NIYAH ROGERS: And then they say only my dad died. And I could feel the pain for my hopes, from my brain to my heart. And then I just wish my dad comes back soon.

CAPRITIESHAY ROGERS: You know he loved you and he'll always be with you. And he's with you right now, and you just got to be great, you got to do good. And you got to make your daddy happy.

- Smith's family and friends held a vigil for him last night. And as WCCO's Marielle Mohs explains, they are demanding more transparency.

TIESHIA FLOYD: We're asking for video footage, just solid evidence.

MARIELLE MOHS: Activist groups stood in solidarity with the family of Winston Smith outside the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension building in St. Paul on Friday afternoon. They are demanding the BCA release any video footage of the shooting to the public and the Smith family.

TOSHIRA GARRAWAY: And we refuse to believe that no one has video footage after all of those different departments showed up yesterday. So we want transparency and we demand it now.

MARIELLE MOHS: Smith's sister Tieshia Floyd spoke about who her brother was to her.

TIESHIA FLOYD: My brother was kind. No, he wasn't perfect, none of us are. He was trying to turn over a new leaf but they took that away from him. They're using his past to tarnish his character.

MARIELLE MOHS: Later Friday night, a group shut down the intersection of Lake and Jarrod for the second night in a row to hold a vigil for Winston Smith.

- They're doing their fist to fight, not to sit down, to fight.

MARIELLE MOHS: The group made their way to the top floor of the parking ramp where the fatal shooting happened Thursday afternoon, laying flowers and candles all over the ramp.

- This right here should have never happened.

MARIELLE MOHS: Smith's brother spoke at the memorial, saying he wants it to remain as is.

- This area, the top of this roof, is my brother's memorial. Help me protect that, all right?

MARIELLE MOHS: Marielle Mohs, WCCO 4 News.