Update: Winter could make comeback this week

Meteorologist Mike Haddad has a look at the weather ahead.

Video Transcript

MIKE HADDAD: Hello, everyone! Meteorologist Mike Haddad here in the storm [? watching ?] weather center, nice and quiet for now and certainly nice and spring like. Cool by night, nice and mild by day and cooler right along the [? medial ?] coast. But could winter be making a comeback before the week is over? Well there is some snow flying in the upper Midwest and also some moisture beginning to blossom down in the deep South. Eventually all of that converges on the Northeast, and the 50s and 60s give way to 30s and 40s before the week is over.

So what about our timeline up until that point, we'll see some clouds out there tonight, could be a few sprinkles but not a whole lot of rain and many dry hours. Temperatures by daybreak upper 30s to the lower half of the 40s. Early morning clouds to partial sunshine tomorrow, could be a sprinkle in the north country otherwise it will be seasonable. Low 50s out the coast and 58 to 65 elsewhere. Fair skies early tomorrow night, clouds move in late and on Thursday you'll notice quite a few clouds and onshore breeze. So we'll be cooler upper 40s at the coast and lower to mid 40s in the Monadnock region late day as a chilly light rain begins to break out sometime after late morning or midday.

The farther North and East you go, the better shot of staying dry through Thursday before the rain and snow. Yes, some snow takes over during that time. So the rain will begin to fill in statewide Thursday night, but just cold enough, you'll notice Mount Washington at 28 so in higher levels of the atmosphere cold enough to see a change over to wet snow. The most favorite area to get potentially up over five or six inches of snow by Thursday evening into Friday night, would be the higher elevations of Western, Central, and Northern New Hampshire. Very low chance of steady snow accumulation South and East of Concord, but can't rule out some of the hills here North and East of the Queen City, getting up maybe an inch or two. Will fine tune those amounts as we go through the day on Wednesday.