Winter storm causes snow in parts of California

STORY: Snow and freezing rain pushed into the Golden State from the north, where it dumped about 10 inches (25 cm) of powder on Portland, Oregon, earlier in the week. California's snow was heaviest in the Cascades, Sierra Nevada and coastal mountains.

In the northern part of Los Angeles County, children and residents enjoyed about a foot of fresh powder, but others were not as fortunate. The snowfall covered several roadways creating hazardous conditions for some commuters and having to shelter in place.

“This morning we had like a foot [or] a foot and a half of snow and I couldn't go to work. We live on top of a hill, so all of our whole road was covered in snow,” Lake Hughes resident Chaslyn Cumigad told Reuters.

This is a rare sight for the town of Lake Hughes, whose scenery usually consists of dry hilltops, heat and blue skies, was welcomed with excitement by many.

Social media videos showed white hilltops in Berkeley Hills on Friday, and in Ahwahnee, California local resident Adam McLane told Reuters that it's snowing harder on Friday. The combination of snow and rain has created tough conditions for the local resident and his dog and goats.