Winter storm causing major travel impacts across Texas

A storm bringing snow and bitterly cold air to Texas has already led to hundreds of delayed flights and dozens of crashes near Dallas.

Video Transcript

BILL WADELL: Hundreds of flights in and out of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport are being canceled or delayed. And with this snow and the bitter cold winds, the AccuWeather with a Real Feel dipping into the single digits.

Crews are working around the clock to keep the runways clear. The planes that are taking off are coated in de-icer solution. Many elevated highways and ramps are coated with snow with many icy patches underneath. Dozens of spin outs and crashes have been reported across North Texas. Officials are asking people to stay home and off the roads.

CRYSTAL RIDDLE: Well, Texas drivers kind of not really used to this kind of weather. So we're kind of scared as far as how bad it's going to be in the road.

BILL WADELL: State leaders are also asking families to try and conserve power. Utility companies are gearing up for record electricity demand that is expected during this storm. That's expected to put a big strain on the power grid.

Reporting in North Texas for AccuWeather, I'm Bill Wadell.