Winter Storm Damage Cleanup Continues At Dallas ISD

n the aftermath of last week’s inclement weather, Dallas ISD schools will remain closed tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 23, and there will be no virtual learning.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: Let's touch on the storms from last week. A lot of people, so many dealing with the aftermath of the winter storms, and students have not been able to return to class in the largest districts here in North Texas as crews meantime race to repair the damage. Robbie Owens with a progress report for us at Dallas ISD.

ROBBIE OWENS: Frozen pipes don't play favorites. 131 busted in Dallas ISD, damaging 113 campuses, more than a third of the district's schools.

DAVID BATES: The last, I guess, five or six days, it was nonstop, around the clock. Folks, you know, sleeping where we can, taking a nap where we can, and getting right back at it.

ROBBIE OWENS: The restoration effort, a lot more complicated than flipping a switch.

DAVID BATES: And it's a fix [? and ?] [? pay, ?] fix the surface area, restore the water, restore the HVAC, make sure the air quality is good, make sure the water's ready for kids to drink, the whole nine yards.

ROBBIE OWENS: That non-stop effort, though, paying off. More than half of damaged schools have been repaired.

DAVID BATES: There is a handful that are our problem childs, right, some of our more significant breaks, where the domestic water line broke, or the electrical we got to bring back online. But other than those handful, we're, we're going to be ready to receive students again on Wednesday.

ROBBIE OWENS: Still, other school communities showing their resilience as well. They're working today to support each other.

RYAN BOTT: We just noticed that, you know, a lot of students were in need, so we wanted to be there for our kids.

ROBBIE OWENS: In an effort called "BA Cares," the Bryan Adams school community organizing a two-day donation drive to collect food and household staples.

RYAN BOTT: And then at 5 o'clock tomorrow, we're just going to see how much stuff we have, and at that point start getting it out to our kids and their families.

ROBBIE OWENS: Because whether collecting donations or working to repair the damage, family, staffers say, makes the difference.

DAVID BATES: There's lot of our employees, they went to school in Dallas IST. Their kids go to school in Dallas IST. I mean, Dallas IST becomes a part of us, so we will make it right.

ROBBIE OWENS: This is personal.

DAVID BATES: Yes, ma'am, it certainly is.

ROBBIE OWENS: In Dallas, Robbie Owens, CBS 11 News.

DOUG DUNBAR: And worth noting here, just after 3:00 this afternoon, Fort Worth ISD announced that their schools are going to be reopening on Wednesday this week. However, three schools that are damaged to the point that students are going to have to meet virtually only, and those are Bonnie Brae Elementary, Westpark Elementary, and also Tanglewood Elementary School. Virtual instruction for them will be from Wednesday through Friday this week at those locations. We'll be back in just a moment.