Winter storm dumps snow on New York City

A large winter storm that has wreaked havoc across the US is dumping a fresh layer of white on what has been an unusually snowy New York City this season. (Feb. 18)

Video Transcript

- I have [INAUDIBLE] on that one [INAUDIBLE].

- Oh, no, thank you.

VICTOR SANTOS: So we went to Chicago first--

- Oh, yeah.

- OK, ah, oh.

VICTOR SANTOS: --this past weekend. And then from Chicago, we came to New York. Well, compared to South Florida, this is-- this is unique. And, I mean, this is my kid's first time on the snow having, you know?

KRISTY SANTOS: I mean, it's cool.

- It's very different, for sure.

KRISTY SANTOS: It is different, but I like it.

- Yeah.

VICTOR SANTOS: I guess they could say that when you're only there for-- you're only here for a couple of days. And, you know, you're heading back. But there's a totally different perspective--

- --when you leave.

VICTOR SANTOS: --when you know you're spending the whole season here.

POSEY BARTOL: Go Ruby, go!

- Ah! Help me!

POSEY BARTOL: Something that breaks up the normal monotony of being seven in a pandemic. I mean, I'm just her babysitter, but this brings joy to my day too. It gets hard. It gets hard to keep a kid inspired, you know? We get lonely. But the outdoors and with masks on, they're able to see each other.