Winter Storm Warning Through Tonight

Watch Meteorologist Ashton Altieri's forecast

Video Transcript

ASHTON ALTIERI: Well, good Sunday to you. It's March 14. Our big winter storm continues. We've officially received almost a foot of snow in Denver, 11.1 inches through 6:00 AM today. That's, of course, at the airport.

It's been an unusual situation so far were the airports actually picked up more snow than many of us in the metro area. Boulder's at almost 9 inches. Aurora, close to 6 inches of heavy, wet snow. This is just backbreaking snow when you're trying to shovel it. Lakewood, 5 and 1/2 inches. We've had some decent snow down in southern Colorado as well.

So the storm wobbling from southeast Colorado up toward Burlington today. And that movement should create pretty healthy upslope along the front range to produce a lot more snow today. We do expect periods of widespread intense snowfall for Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, portions of the eastern plains as well.

Storm's going to make its way over to the Nebraska-Kansas line by midday tomorrow. Back behind it, we're going to see some clearing, certainly some drying. We expect the last of the snow to end by tonight. And then we get another snow-- another storm back behind this one. It's much smaller, but I think at least on Tuesday we'll get some more snow back in the metro area.

Winter storm warning continues until 6:00 AM tomorrow. We've got the additional expected snowfall here on this map. Another 4 to 8 inches for Denver.

8 to 10 around Boulder Fort Collins. 3 to 6 out around Fort Morgan. 6 to 12, Summit County, Winter Park, Rocky Mountain National Park. And then 3 to 7 for mountain areas to the west of Vail Pass. Another 2 to 4 expected at least down there in the Sangre de Cristos.

Temperatures will be very similar today to where we were yesterday. We'll hover near freezing. That's a heavy, wet spring-style snow. As we get into the daytime tomorrow, we dry out. And then a little bit of light snow wrapping up there as we get into the middle of the week.