Winter weather has many wishing for spring

Spring is five weeks away; however, the relentless cold and persistent snow in some cities have many ready for warmer days.

Video Transcript

EMMY VICTOR: It's official-- Chicago has season tickets to winter wonderland.

GRANT LONGACRE: It's been wetter and more snow this year. I don't like it at all. I want it to go away.

EMMY VICTOR: Spring is five weeks away, yet the relentless cold and persistent snow has some dreaming of the warmest temperatures possible.

BRANDON GONZALES: I'm ready for summer. I've been ready for summer since, I don't know, November.

EMMY VICTOR: Plows have been out tackling snow and ice across the country. Over the past 12 days, record breaking lows have been recorded in cities from Colorado to Texas. Drier and warmer days are ahead. In the meantime, people continue to bundle up in the Windy City.

- I wear my coats or jackets.

BRANDON GONZALES: And I think you just build some character being out in the cold for so long.

EMMY VICTOR: For AccuWeather, I'm Emmy Victor.