Wis. mother meets baby delivered during COVID coma

Wisconsin mother meets daughter for first time face to face nearly three months after delivering her via C-section while in a medically induced coma due to severe COVID-19. (Feb. 3)

Video Transcript

KELSEY TOWNSEND: Hi. I love you. I love you so much.


Yeah. I missed you.

We instantly bonded when we met. She gave me a great big smile and looked at me like she knew exactly who I was. And it made me feel just so happy.



DEREK TOWNSEND: The past three months with Lucy, her head is always moving, and she's always looking. And I told Kelsey that I believe she's just constantly looking for her. She was just always trying to find Mommy.

KELSEY TOWNSEND: Family is everything to me. So I have everything to live for right here, and coming home, there was no question that I [? would. ?]

- Hey, Mommy, we got your favorite ice cream.