Wisconsin Confirms Nearly 350 New Coronavirus Cases

Chris Mosby

MILWAUKEE, WI — Wisconsin confirmed 349 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, the state health department announced. Since the beginning of the outbreak, there have 9,939 positive COVID-19 tests in Wisconsin.

On Friday, the state confirmed 375 new COVID-19 cases. So Saturday's numbers represented a slight dip down.

At least 1,806 Wisconsin residents have been hospitalized because of COVID-19 since the onset of the pandemic, that represents approximately 18 percent of all positive COVID-19 cases in the state.

Wisconsin continues to approach 400 deaths from COVID-19. As of Saturday, health officials had confirmed 398 deaths caused by the virus.

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The state's health department said it has received 101,935 negative COVID-19 tests since the start of the outbreak.

Gov. Tony Evers announced Friday the health and safety guidelines for Wisconsin businesses to follow while heading toward reopening. The protocols include general practices for all businesses, as well as industry-specific advice.

“Wisconsin businesses have done a great job in adapting to our state’s Safer at Home order,” Evers said. “As we begin to ‘turn the dial,’ they need to know how to reopen safely so that employees and customers can feel confident when they return.”

The guidelines can be viewed on the state's website.

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