Wisconsin Coronavirus: Almost 6,000 Cases; 272 Deaths

Gus Saltonstall

MILWAUKEE, WI — Wisconsin has confirmed 5,911 cases of the new coronavirus and 272 deaths from the illness, according to the latest information from the Wisconsin Department of Health as of Sunday afternoon.

The numbers on Sunday mark an increase of 231 cases from the previous day and six additional deaths.

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Milwaukee County accounts for 2,629 of the nearly 6,000 cases in the state. Brown, Dane and Kenosha follow with the most number of confirmed cases.

  • Brown: 776
  • Dane: 405
  • Kenosha: 339

You can find information for your county on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services' website.

Black residents in Wisconsin make up 24 percent of the total cases in the state and 35 percent of the deaths — despite making up just 6.7 percent of the state's population — indicating stark racial disparities in the virus' spread.


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