Wisconsin eye drops homicide trial; Kurczewski's texts questioned

WAUKESHA, Wis. - The second week of the Waukesha County eye drops homicide trial concluded Friday with the defendant, Jessy Kurczewski, in her own words.

Lynn Hernan died in October 2018. Nearly a year later, when questioned by police, Kurczewski told police she didn’t know anything about eye drop poisoning – but police said her text messages tell a different story.

Kurczewski: "Do you think I murdered her?"
Police: "Did you?"
Kurczewski: "I swear to god, I did not."
Police: "You’re the one who had the most to gain on this."
Kurczewski: "I had no reason to murder her."

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A police interview recorded in July 2019 shows Kurczewski answering questions about the death of her friend, Hernan. That day, she told police she’d never heard of the active ingredient in Visine eye drops – tetrahydrozoline.

Police: "With the level of drug in her, someone needed to give it to her at that level of toxicity. She won’t be able to walk or keep her eyes open."
Kurczewski: "I wasn’t there, though, and I have receipts to prove it."

<div>Lynn Hernan and Jessy Kurczewski</div>
Lynn Hernan and Jessy Kurczewski

Investigators previously said Hernan ingested six bottles of Visine. They also said Kurczewski texted with her boyfriend, Scott Craig, six months earlier telling him she needed to go to the hospital. Kurczewski said she was poisoned with tetrahydrozoline – she even spelled it correctly in her text.

Waukesha County Deputy District Attorney Abbey Nickolie: "What about Ms. Kurczewski saying she never saw Lynn Hernan drink Visine – does that change over time?"
Waukesha County Sheriff's Det. Aaron Hoppe: "Yes, it does."

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Kurczewski asked to speak to investigators again the next day. She said she sat with Hernan, who was "drinking vodka and Visine." She also said Hernan had used Kurczewski's phone to research suicide methods.

"As far as the money, I want to bring up, too – I didn’t do anything without her consent," Kurczewski said.

<div>Jessy Kurczewski interviewed by investigators</div>
Jessy Kurczewski interviewed by investigators

Prosecutors said Kurczewski opened a JCPenney credit card in Hernan’s name and even bought a 75-inch television the day Hernan died. Investigators believe Kurczewski had been draining Hernan’s finances for months before her death.

The state is expected to rest its case early next week. The defense will then call its witnesses.