Wisconsin Supreme Court rules election should go ahead

A man seeking to cast his ballot leaves the Frank P. Zeidler Municipal Building in Milwaukee after discovering that the drop-off site has already closed (AFP Photo/KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI)

Washington (AFP) - The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday blocked a last-minute attempt by the governor of the midwestern US state to postpone Tuesday's election because of the coronavirus epidemic and said the vote should go ahead.

In a 4-2 ruling, the court overturned an executive order from the Democratic governor, who sought to delay the election until June citing the dangers to poll workers and voters from the virus.

Leaders of the Republican majority state senate and state assembly filed a legal challenge to the executive order from Governor Tony Evers to the state Supreme Court.

The four conservative justices on the court voted to override the governor's order while the two liberal justices voted to uphold it.

There was no immediate reaction from the governor's office but Ben Wikler, chairman of the state Democratic Party, condemned the ruling.

Wikler said the party would not be mobilizing Democratic voters and called on the Republican Party to do the same.