Wisconsin is swinging between pandemic, politics

The must-win swing state of Wisconsin finds itself at the crossroads of the coronavirus pandemic and politics ahead of the 2020 presidential election. (Oct. 27)

Video Transcript

CARRIE ANTLFINGER: Just days away from the election, the must-win swing state of Wisconsin finds itself at the crossroads of the coronavirus pandemic and politics.

DONALD TRUMP: So we're delivering a safe vaccine very soon and a rapid recovery. Biden's plan will crush Wisconsin.

CAITLIN SINGLETON: The attacks from both sides, the division from both sides [? felt ?] really strong. Either this side or that side and no in-between is what has really made me re-evaluate everything.

CARRIE ANTLFINGER: Six months after the virus upended the state's primary election and amid climbing infection rates, in-person voting is going strong.

- Yes.

CARRIE ANTLFINGER: So is campaigning.

- Wisconsin, you're the key.

- This election is just--

CARRIE ANTLFINGER: Democrats are focusing on calls, texts, virtual events--

- Good morning. It's so nice to be back with you in Wisconsin.

CARRIE ANTLFINGER: --and smaller in-person gatherings. They say they started organizing earlier than in 2016, targeting absentee voters.

BEN WIKLER: We are banking votes now that are going to be counted on election day, regardless of whatever twists and turns this race takes in the final stretch.

CARRIE ANTLFINGER: President Donald Trump won Wisconsin in 2016, the first Republican to carry the state since 1984.

BARRY BURDEN: Polls have been showing a fairly consistent lead for Joe Biden, but of course, four years ago, they showed a consistent lead for Hillary Clinton. And the state ended up being very close, decided by less than 1 percentage point.

CARRIE ANTLFINGER: Trump has opened campaign offices in diverse neighborhoods and is concentrating on in-person rallies.

ANDREW HITT: It is important for the president to be here. It is important for people to hear directly from him. It's important for his supporters and his volunteers. It energizes them.

CARRIE ANTLFINGER: Different ways to reach battleground voters during a life altering pandemic. Carrie Antlfinger, Associated Press Milwaukee.