Wisconsin Tops 600 Coronavirus Deaths, Almost 19,000 Cases

Scott Anderson

MILWAUKEE, WI — Monday saw a 41-day low when it came to new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin, but those figures rebounded with the state's latest report on the ongoing pandemic.

According to Wisconsin Department of Health Services data, the state has seen a total of 18,949 confirmed cases, 610 deaths and 11,838 recoveries as of Tuesday.

On Monday, state health officials reported 140 new cases. Part of the uptick in cases has to do with the number of tests performed. According to state health officials, there were about 3,600 tests conducted Monday, compared to more than 10,000 Tuesday.

Monday's number of new cases falls short of Wisconsin's 24-hour record of 733 new cases, which happened on Friday.

Daily Increases

Below is a chart showing the daily increase in COVID-19 cases and COVID-19-related deaths in Wisconsin. All data is via the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Positive Cases

This map shows the number of people who have been confirmed coronavirus cases. See where most of the cases are appearing, and their reach across the state.

Negative Cases

Here are the number and distribution of negative coronavirus test results by county. See who's testing the most here.

Coronavirus Deaths

Here is our map showing where people are dying from the coronavirus.

Daily Tracker

Below is our Wisconsin new coronavirus tracker. Each day, Wisconsin Patch will update the total number of confirmed cases that the Wisconsin Department of Health Services reports in the state. The count represents the total number of cases reported.

If you are using a smartphone and can't see the line graph above, follow this link to see the graph.

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