Make-A-Wish Gives Puppy to 5-Year-Old Battling Life-Threatening Heart Condition

Make-A-Wish Southern Florida gifted a puppy to a 5-year-old in Boca Raton, Florida, who has been battling a life-threatening heart issue, according to local news reports.

Footage filmed by Make-A-Wish Florida shows the girl, identified by local news as Chloe Corness, receiving a Cavapoo puppy.

“After a long battle with congenital heart disease and overcoming open heart surgery Chloe wanted a new best friend to play with and keep her company,” wrote Make-A-Wish Florida on the video post. “Chloe has decided to name her new dog Cooper.” Credit: Make-A-Wish Southern Florida via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Yay!



- Happy Wish Day!

- Happy Wish Day!

- Oh.

- Guess what?

- Look at this.

- Is that your puppy?

- You want to know who it is?

- Puppy.


- Oh my goodness.

- Look at him smiling!

- Ah.

- Chloe, do you know who that is?

- It's Craig.

- But it's Cooper now.



- It's your puppy.

- Little puppy. Look, it's Bubbles!

- Look who it is.

- Chloe, that's your puppy.


- Don't forget about Bubbles.

- Surprise! Do you want to take your mask off? If you want to you can.

- OK.

- Oh my goodness.

- Oh, Chloe. We've been loving this one.

- Chloe, that's Cooper.

- Do you want to hold him?

- Hi, baby.

- Yes!

- Oh, he's so cute. He's so light.

- Oh my goodness.

- Oh, boy.

- You can take your mask off. It's OK.

- He is, like, chill.


- He has his mask off.

- Guess what? You get to take him home. He's our puppy.

- Can I get to take him home today?

- Yes.

- Yay!

- Chloe, that's what you wanted.

- Chloe, remember when we found out that Craig was going to a different home?

- Well, now, I have him--

- That's because he's coming to our home.


- It's Bubbles!

- You see Bubbles?

- It's Bubbles!

- You want to go say hi to Bubbles?

- You gonna give him a hug?

- You want to go say hi to Bubbles, or you want to hold the puppy?

- Go say hi to Bubbles!


- She chose Bubbles over the puppy.

- Hey, I'm just going to go say hi to Bubbles.

- Say, hi Bubbles. Go hug him.


- Are you totally surprised?



- Put my mask on.

- You want to sit down?

- Here, do you want to sit down with him?

- Sit down.

- OK, go ahead. Sit down.

- Come, let's sit down.

- There's a bench right there.

- Oh, you want to go sit on the bench?

- So this one's all decorated too.

- Oh, yeah. Let's go over here.

- Chloe, what do you think?

- Chloe!

- Puppy!



- You want to sit with the puppy?

- Yes.

- OK.


- He's so calm.

- Oh my gosh.

- Puppy!