Witnesses describe panic at Texas shooting

Employees at a cabinet-making business describe the panic that occured during a workplace shooting at the Bryan, Texas business. One person has been killed and five others have been wounded. (April 8)

Video Transcript

MARC BARON: Gunshots, slamming, running. People falling, screaming. I fell myself. I had a whole-- my whole leg went in the mud. I feel like he came with the intention of harming somebody from the very jump. He was just looking for the right person and, like, the right time. Basically, when everybody was off-guard, like today. It was just a regular day, and you just start hearing it.

- I was running, everybody was running outside. But I don't know how the guy was outside already. So one of the ladies is like he's outside! We're freaking out. So we came up inside again, and we ended up like six people inside, and the rest of the people was out by the fence already. I was hiding like 10 minutes in a real small place. And I think we're very lucky and blessed to be talking to you right now this moment.

I don't have no words to spread the sorrow that I feel in my heart for all this stuff going on. And to live in this Brazos County, you know, very peaceful, and I always brag about it. You know, and it's so sad that it had to happen with us, too. You know, like in a lot of places. So I think we live in a very peaceful community. Nothing happens ever. And I don't know. Everybody told me this guy is very calm and everything. Out of the blue, he decided to do this.