Wix and GMO Epsilon Introduce Enhanced Payment Options in Japan


Wix Customers Across Japan Now Have Access to a Leading Payment Solution that Includes Convenience Store Payment and Pay-easy

TOKYO, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX) and GMO Epsilon, Inc. (GMO-EP) have partnered to launch a local payment option for Wix customers in Japan. Wix businesses in Japan are now able to offer GMO-EP's payment solutions to customers through their online businesses.

This partnership enables Wix businesses to use GMO-EP's credit card payment with a lower rate on processing fees as well as convenience store payments. Incorporated e-commerce businesses using Wix also have the option of Pay-easy which allows for direct bank transfer. With the addition of these new payment methods, Wix can now provide end users with more options to choose from, making their online businesses more convenient.

"Our expansion in the Japanese market is an important step for the Wix global business," said Hideaki Tsumita, Wix.com Country Manager, Japan. "E-commerce in Japan is growing with a vast array of payment options available. These types of choices were a top request from our users. Through this partnership with GMO-EP, we now have the ability to offer a local payment method and respond to our customers' needs. With millions of users already on the platform in Japan, the enhanced payment option will enable e-commerce solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and stores across our market."

Yusuke Arai, President & Chief Executive Officer, GMO Epsilon, Inc. said, "We provide payment services so that Wix can provide businesses with local payment options such as credit card payment, convenience store payment, and Pay-easy. GMO-EP expects that this partnership will increase sales opportunities for Wix businesses, and contribute to the expansion of Japan's e-commerce market."

Learn more about payment options in Japan:
Wix businesses based in Japan can activate new payment options through their Wix dashboard. Simply click on Settings and "Accept Payments" to get started.

To set up a credit card payment: Click here
To set up a convenience store payment and Pay-easy: Click here

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About GMO Epsilon
GMO-EP is a payment processing service provider, offering transaction processing* and initial fee at zero cost. The number of EC merchants using this service stands at 32,402 as of end-June 2019. A one-stop contract with GMO-EP will enable merchants to drastically reduce costs and workload, and merchants will be able to offer diverse payment methods of credit cards, CVS payment, e-wallet, smartphone-carrier payment as well as delivery services, without having to run multiple systems for each payment method. Services can also include payment collection and settling of shipping/delivery costs within the contract. Furthermore, GMO-EP also offers finance-related services that support the cash flow of merchants, such as lending and remittance services.

GMO-EP is a group company of GMO Internet, a TSE First Section listed company, and we ensure a secure environment to our merchants by complying with the system security standards of PCI DSS and ISMS and is accredited with the Privacy Mark for personal information protection.

* Transaction processing fee is a fee charged per communication with the credit card company for authorization and billing processing.

GMO-EP URL: https://www.epsilon.jp/

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