WJZ Morning News & Weather Update 3-23-2021

WJZ Morning News & Weather Update 3-23-2021

Video Transcript

- Hello again, everyone. 8:55 on your Tuesday morning. Checking in with Marty for your forecast.

MARY BASS: Not a bad day at all. Sunshine, some high clouds, passing fair weather if you will. 66 degrees will be the high, that's 10 above normal. Kristy, wrap it up, take it away.

KRISTY BRESLIN: Well, it's been a tough rush hour but things are easing up. Take a look at the west side. No problems there on the inner outer loop. The top side of the Beltway, that delay is gone. As you can see you're home free on both sides.

Now a couple of issues that we do have, Baltimore National Pike at Rolling Road, a crash there. Then northbound 95 at the Fort McHenry Tunnel and also west on 175 at 95. Tim?


- We have breaking news this morning. Towson University football player Benedict Umunakwe has been found safe. He had been seen last in the Towson area one week ago. And according to Towson University, he was found safe in Georgia. Towson football head coach Rob Ambrose tweeted he is with his family and thanks to everyone who helped find him.

And the state is moving into the next phase of the vaccine rollout. That means anyone 60 and older will be able to get the shot. Maryland is expected to get between 300,000 and 400,000 doses per week starting next month. More than two million vaccines have already been given out in Maryland and that means about 25% of the state has at least one shot. Stay with WJZ, "Maury" is next. We'll see you again at noon.