WJZ Morning News & Weather Update 5-4-2021

WJZ Morning News & Weather Update 5-4-2021

Video Transcript

TIM WILLIAMS: Hello again, everyone. 71 degrees at 8:55 on your Tuesday morning. Tim and Marty here with your updates.

MARTY BASS: And let's take a look at the extent of that. Look, why not? A couple of days, today and tomorrow watch for thunderstorms not unlike yesterday. 85, 79, a little bit of a cool down. Saturday looks to be the best of the weekend days right now. Mother's Day, maybe some clouds. Kristy, take it away. What do you have?

KRISTY BRESLIN: Well, good news on the West side. Take a look behind me. You can see Wilkins Avenue. That delay has completely cleared out, everything moving at a great pace. Not so much on the top side of the Beltway. Still a bit of a slowdown there from Harford Road just past York Road, average speed coming in at Cromwell Bridge Road about 35 miles per hour average.

Accidents, no escaping them. 70 eastbound at the Carroll-Howard County line. Then we jump over to the other crash southbound on the Jones Falls Expressway and northern Parkway. That takes us to Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard at the Beltway, and then a new crash up in the Rosedale area of Route 7 at Hospital Drive followed by southbound Route 24 between Philadelphia Road and Pulaski Highway. Back to you.

TIM WILLIAMS: Kristy, thank you. Tornado watches and warnings were issued last night for Frederick, Baltimore, and Carroll Counties. The storms brought rain and heavy winds as they moved through the state. We should know at some time today whether any actual tornadoes touched down in the state. The National Weather Service will come out to investigate a little bit later this morning.


Stay with WJZ News. Up next, [? Marrey. ?] Of course, we'll see you again at noon. Have a great Tuesday, everyone.