WJZ Noon News and Weather Update: June 10, 2021

The Latest News and Weather from WJZ in Baltimore.

Video Transcript


TIM WILLIAMS: Hello, everyone. I'm Tim Williams. Here are some of the top stories we're following today on WJZ. We continue to follow the fallout from the violence in Fells Point over the weekend. More on what to expect as Mayor Brandon Scott holds a town Hall on the matter. Plus, the trial continues for the gunman that killed five people at the Capitol Gazette-- the latest on Jared Ramos' trial.

And the Delta variant could have an impact on getting back to normal as the race to vaccinate Marylanders goes on. We speak to health experts and we will bring you everything you need to know. Now, we're checking in on the forecast and what you need to know about this rain that could be coming with Chelsea Ingram.

CHELSEA INGRAM: Hi, Hello, everyone. So we do have a flash flood watch that is in effect. It's in effect through midnight tonight. And that is for the risk of some slow moving thunderstorms that could put down a couple of inches of rain for anywhere that the rain does fall. And that will bring the potential for some flash flooding. Areas highlighted under this risk include central Maryland and now extended into portions of the lower Eastern shore from Cambridge to Ocean City.

We'll show you look at Futurecast. And notice that we're going to see these storms following a boundary so kind of a diagonal you can draw right across the state. And they'll stay over the same spot for several hours we call it training of showers and thunderstorms. And if we get the rain coming down at a heavy enough clip and a short enough amount of time that will result in flash flooding in some locations.

Things should, however start to dissipate later on this evening and tonight. So other than a couple of showers, early were mostly cloudy, overnight lows in the mid 60s. Tomorrow significantly cooler than we have been the past couple of days-- look for high of 74 degrees with a couple of showers and spots Tim.

TIM WILLIAMS: Chelsea, thank you. And of course, check in with WJZ this afternoon for the updated forecast and all of today's developing stories. I'm Tim Williams.