Woburn Companies Hit With Coronavirus Safety Complaints

WOBURN, MA — Fourteen Woburn businesses have been the target of complaints filed with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office for failing to protect workers and customers from the coronavirus.

The office began accepting complaints from an online portal on May 20. Statewide, more than 1,300 complaints have been filed in the nine weeks since the online complaint form was launched.

In Woburn, 14 companies have been the target of 17 complaints, the eighth most complaints of any community in the state. InBloom Autism Services, Lowes and Northern Bank and Trust Company all received multiple complaints.

The InBloom complaints include retaliation and requiring symptomatic employees to work.

You can view all the complaints filed through July 20 on this spreadsheet.

In most instances, the AG's Office doesn't have enforcement authority on health and safety issues. OSHA, the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards and, in some cases, local authorities, are charged with enforcement.

But the AG's Fair Labor Division has been responding to complaints by letting consumers and workers know their rights, reaching out to employers targeted in complaints and making referrals to other local, state and federal agencies.

Safety concerns can be reported by using the online portal or by calling AG's Fair Labor Hotline at 617-727-3465.

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This article originally appeared on the Woburn Patch