Woke culture is ‘racializing’ France, Macron says

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French President Emmanuel Macron said a new wave of “woke culture” that has migrated from the United States is “racializing” his country.

“I see that our society is becoming progressively racialized,” Macron said during an interview with Elle magazine published this week.

The French president said he disagrees with any ideology that attributes value to people based on their gender or skin color.

“The logic of intersectionality fractures everything,” he said. “I stand for universalism. I don't agree with a fight that reduces everyone to their identity or their particularity.”


His country is regressing, Macron said, because he believes leftist ideology places certain minority groups “under house arrest.”

“We had freed ourselves from this approach, and now, we are once more categorizing people according to their race, and by doing that, we are totally placing them under house arrest,” he said.

“Social difficulties are not only explained by gender and the color of your skin, but also by social inequalities,” he added, pointing to an example of young white men in his hometown of Amiens “who also have immense difficulties, for different reasons, in finding a job.”

Macron said: “Social difficulties are not only structured by gender and by skin color, but also by social inequality.”

The French president also commented on France's interior minister nominee Gerald Darmanin, who has become subject to an investigation over a rape allegation.


“I am not going to give in to the ambient madness, which consists in saying that anyone who faces an accusation is necessarily guilty,” he said.

Instead, Macron said he defends “the presumption of innocence.”

“For years, we dealt badly with the victims of violence. The risk now is to enter into a society of absolute victimization. If the voice of the victim covers all the others, you are no longer in a society of justice but of vengeance,” he added.

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