Wolf Administration Says Initiative To Vaccinate Pa. Teachers, Staff Completed Ahead Of Schedule

The Wolf administration announced on Friday that the initiative to vaccinate teachers and school staff in Pennsylvania has been completed ahead of schedule.

Video Transcript

- Governor Tom Wolfe says the state's teacher and school staff vaccination initiative is complete and it's ahead of schedule. State leaders say more than 112,500 educators received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in about three weeks. 28 vaccine clinics were set up across the state to get that done. The rapid fire effort was all in hopes of getting students back into the classrooms quicker.

GOV. TOM WOLF: We know that students, we know the teachers, parents, everybody wants to be back in the classroom. That's where students can learn and laugh and grow. At least that's what we used to do when I was in school. And completing our special vaccination initiative is a really big step toward getting this back on track.

- Earlier this week the state updated its recommendations for K through 12 schools. It's following more recent CDC guidance of requiring three feet instead of six feet between students. That change is set to go into effect on April 6.