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Wolf says Pa. will open vaccines to all adults by May 1

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is on board with the new federal plan. He says he is confident with additional vaccine doses and vaccine administration sites, Pennsylvania can make headway in vaccinating the 1a population first.

Video Transcript

- Out of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Biden, promising Americans will be eligible to get the vaccine by May 1. It's a lofty goal, but is it attainable? Action News reporter Maggie Kent, joining us now live from the Pennsylvania Convention Center. That date raised a lot of eyebrows last night, Maggie.

MAGGIE KENT: It did. We'll need a lot more shots. We'll need a lot more people to administer them, but that's also in the plan as well. President Biden said-- and it was echoed by Dr. Farley. --just because you're eligible May 1 doesn't mean you're going to get a shot then.

JOE BIDEN: All adult Americans will be eligible to get a vaccine no later than May 1.

- The US is expecting to have enough doses for 225 million adults by the end of May, but when will those shots get into arms? Governor Wolf says, with enough vaccine supply, Pennsylvania can live up to these new deadlines.

- There should be no waiting list by the beginning of May.

BRIDGET MALLOY KOSIEROWSKI: By mid-April, 80% of our 1A population will be on track to being fully vaccinated.

- Delaware County Councilman Kevin Madden says, Delaware County is ready, but weekly vaccine shipments need to double.

KEVIN MADDEN: At a dosage of around 25,000 per week, we could really wrap up our 1A within four to five weeks.

- Beyond doses, the infrastructure and manpower needs to increase. The federal government will double the number of pharmacy providers and FEMA run vaccination sites. Additional medical workers will be eligible to administer vaccine, like dentists, veterinarians, and even medical students. Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley says, that will go a long way.

THOMAS FARLEY: Having the additional staff to vaccinate people and run vaccination clinics is-- again, that's our limiting factor. And this plan, at least, the little we know of it, right now, seems to be addressing that key issue.

- Philadelphia firefighter EMTs vaccinated 150 people at Northeast Baptist Church, today, and along the 1,200 block of Arch Street, Nationality Service Center held a vaccination clinic for eligible immigrants.

- We have about over 200 people scheduled, and altogether, they speak 25 different languages.

- Another major announcement, today, coming from Pennsylvania Governor Wolf, saying that the next shipments of Johnson and Johnson coming in at the end of this month will go directly to frontline workers, including law enforcement, firefighters, grocery and food service workers. Those are people who work within the factories and plants, as well as agriculture workers. We're live at the convention center. Maggie Kent, Channel 6 Action News. Brian?