The Wolverine Meme Is Now An Action Figure

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Wolverine Meme
Wolverine Meme

As a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for 2021, Mondo is releasing a big, fancy Wolverine figure. But not just any figure. No, this one is based on a meme.

It’s Sad Wolverine! Or Wolverine Crush! Or whatever you want to call it. Here’s the original, from the killer 90s animated series:

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While Mondo’s 1:6 scale articulated figure looks like this:

The sad face is great, but the cel-shading and fingers are perfect. Of course being a figure and not just a meme statue you could pose or display this like a regular Wolverine figure, since it comes with a bunch of extra heads, hands and effects:

But really, you’re buying this for the joke, especially when you see the box that it comes in:

The figure releases on July 23. And just as a reminder, this isn’t the first time a company has made the smart decision to release a meme figure; a couple of years back Nickelodeon dropped a whole line of excellent Spongebob pieces, which looked like this:

And this:

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